Finding a calm balance through activities

Finding a calm balance through activities

Family has always been our priority and especially now for our Happi Tummi Family and all of you, your health is priority. Part of being healthy is find a calm balance through activities.

My vision for all of our families and friends is to help everyone stay healthy and calm while giving practical tips on how to keep our immune systems up.

We plan on staying connected with you to help inspire and give information that will be useful, make your life easier with you and your Happi Tummi Family - hopefully entertaining, loving and some “funnies” to always keep it light.

During stressful times, it can be calming to remember what we are able to control. With everyone in the same boat, it seems more urgent now that we take care of ourselves and our families, and try to take the all-important steps toward self-soothing with meaningful measures of calm and tranquility.

How do we go about finding this calm balance?

We seek comfort, calm, and tranquility in things we can control. One way to remember what we can control is to make a list of things we can do.

For example:

1 – Learn a skill from an internet video. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try out? Now is the perfect time to turn your focus and energy into a new skill.

2 – Try a new recipe. Cooking can be very calming because we can follow a recipe and the result is (usually) delicious! Aromas are very therapeutic.

3 – Read one of the books that’s been sitting on your shelf forever. Read to your children.

4 – Take walks and exercise in fresh air. The combination of exercise and fresh air boosts your immune system. Try videos for yoga, dance, Zumba and meditation.

5 – Good nutrition is always important. Eat as much fresh and unprocessed food as possible. Eat more fruits and vegetables and keep sugar to a minimum.

6 – Herbs, spices and aromatherapy help calm us and provide tranquility. Use ginger, lavender, chamomile, lemon grass, ashwagandha, and passionflower. 

What positive things are you doing to help manage these current times?

Also, remember the Happi Tummi is great for calming not only babies, toddlers, teens with cramps and adults and elderly that suffer from too many medications. We hope this helps your Happi Tummi Family.

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Keep smiling no matter what - it is difficult to be stressed when you are Happi! 😊

Many Happi Days to you and your family!

Nanette Meneses, CEO Household Name Products

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