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2005 - Present
“I have recommended Happi Tummi™ for several of my patients with colic and have received very good feedback from their parents.  I will continue to recommend this product for the fussy baby.” 

-  Dr. Neglia Pediatrician, San Diego, CA


Descent buy

Scent didn't last very long, but I still use it for warmth when my LO is colicy
- J. Ramine


my baby loves

This helps my baby when she is super fussy!!! Loveeee it! However mine burnt a little & smelled horrible.
- Amazon Customer

From Happi Tummi:  We recommend that you not overheat the Formulated Pouch. If it has a burnt smell, it was overheated and you should purchase a refill. Only heat for 15 seconds. That is all your baby needs, and all the herb formula needs to make it work.


Wish it worked for me

Great idea but didn't work for my baby   - Mscrys

From Happi Tummi:  Sorry it did not work for you.  Consult our web site “Happy Baby Mommy” page and see if some of those other ideas in conjunction with Happi Tummi does work. We hope all babies will be spared the use of drugs or drops.  Persistence can and will work.


Surprisingly effective

When we thought our baby was colicky, we were desperate for solutions.  I didn't have a ton of hope in this product but was pleasantly surprised.  Even without heating the pouch in the middle, our baby seemed to like having the pressure against her tummy.  And when we did heat the pouch, it has a terrific aroma... agree with other parents that even if the scent doesn't help baby, it's relaxing for stressed out parents!!  Try it, if you're searching for crying-baby solutions.
- Long Time Amazonian


the best

I buy this as part of a baby shower gift for everyone I know. It is a lifesaver for all the moms. It’s the best gift they get. I think the smell is relaxing and not too strong. And you can make the bag as warm as you want and the pressure as right as you want. But every single mom says thank you you’re a life saver
- Kristina Ciardi


It works!

My baby has been pretty fussy for the past 6 weeks or so and I had tried gripe water, and gas drops and neither did anything for him. I decided to order this and haven't regretted it at all. I love the smell of it (smells like essential oils) and my son loves the warmth on his belly.  My only issues with it is we can't use it for long because my son sweats a lot and I have a high powered microwave so I have to warm it up for less time than suggested but neither of those are design flaws so 5 stars is deserved.
- Shaianne Brunell


Seemed to help a bit

I tried using this with my month old (he struggles with reflux) and after the initial fussiness, he seemed to feel a bit better after having this belt on. Bonus: it smells like herbal tea, so that's nice.
- Amazon Customer


6 week old sleeps 6-8 hours

I'm not sure if I have this to thank or Zantac because I started both at the same time but I'm not about to stop using it and find out. I put this on my 6 week old baby before bed and he goes to sleep quickly and has been sleeping for 6-8 hours consecutively.  It's very easy to use and smells nice.  Prior to using this and zantac we were only getting 5 hour stretches of sleep and then our baby would grunt and be uncomfortable the rest of the night. The only downside that I didn't realize is that it has limited use until you need a replacement insert.
- Ashley Badeau

From Happi Tummi:  We recommend that you stop the Zantac and see if Happi Tummi works by itself. We are trying to stop the unnecessary use of drugs or drops because we just do not know the effect long term. However, we support what ever you need to do to have a healthy, happy baby.  Good luck!



My baby is so gassy and fussy, we tried everything from gripe water to massages and gas drops, nothing works. But the minute we used this on her belly she was instantly relieved!!
- isma jamil


Works somehow

Really helps with the little gas bubbles. Or maybe just cramps. Either way the baby calms when this is applied so that’s a plus in my book. Kind of spendy for what it is but whatever helps keep the baby happy I’m all for
- TwinMomma


Works wonders!

I was searching the Internet at 4am after a few sleepless nights with my 4 week old baby. I came across this and figured I would give it a try because I was willing to do anything for sleep! This works amazing!! She is no longer choking and refluxing all night long. She is also on Zantac but there is a noticeable difference when she doesn’t have it one. She sleeps for 3-5 hours at a time, usually closer to 5, with this on, which is great for a newborn!
- Kyle W.

From Happi Tummi:  We are glad you found a non-ingestible remedy that works. That warms our hearts here because that is what we are all about!


Great for trapped gas!

A sock with rice in it does the same thing for A lot less money. The only things it got going for it, is that its soft and smells nice.
- Chris

From Happi Tummi:  If that works, we are pleased.  It is about helping babies, not about selling products.  However, from the many testimonials we receive, the herbal pouch is very necessary and it is not just one herb like lavender. It took months of formulation by the founder before she created the right herbal combination formula for her daughter. Many moms and dads will tell you heat alone does not work. Good luck.


It works!!

This has been great so far. Within minutes of putting it on her when shes fussy she calms down. The aroma of the insert isn't overwhelming its just perfect combo of herbs. Very pleased with my purchase!
- Staci Morin


Great for trapped gas!

Worth the money! The smell that the essential oils has isn’t the best but this helps my baby so much when he has a tummy ache! We have tons of trapped gas and this helps it right away.
- Samantha Henderson



Instantly soothes her 4 times in a row now - my 6 week old has had a hard time pooping since she was about 2 weeks old and her belly hurts her and she gets colicky.  She’s hungry and wants to breastfeed, but then crys when she starts eating bc her belly hurts her. Within 5-10 minutes, she calms down and even starts eating within 20 minutes like nothing happened.  I already ordered a second one for backup haha. I’m very impressed. Every parent should have one of these even for the occasional bellyache, but when it’s a couple times a day you have to watch your baby in agony, it seems to be a lifesaver.
- Lonibella


So far seems to work like magic

I bought for my newborn grandson whose had colic since he was a week old and this seems to help with his issues.
- Heather


I don’t know what kind of magic this is imbued with

I can only hope it was white magic and did not involve any form of sacrifice, but if it did I would be okay with that - it works too well to quibble over those details. Seriously, this thing works better than I could have imagined. If you have a colicky, gassy baby that turns into a slavering demon the moment the sun goes down like I do, this purchase will save your sanity. Fifteen seconds in the microwave and maybe thirty seconds to position the band on a very wiggly infant for hours of blissful, happy baby time. Buy this. You won’t regret it.
- Mommatee


Must have for every mom!

Got this as a gift with my first born, now it's my go to gift for any new mom. I have a 2 week old and I could not survive a week without it ordered it same day delivery. This thing is the best discovery I've made as a mom.
- Blanco Castro

From Happi Tummi:  We love that someone thought of Happi Tummi as a gift, a gift of love and peace in your home.



This really is a miracle product. My baby has gas and GERD and this has helped her so much.
- Sierra


Baby must have.

Love love love love this product. I don’t know what I did before purchasing this item. Easy to use. And it works amazingly. My baby has colic, super gassy, and reflux. And a lot of the time this product is the only thing that helps soothe her pain. This is a must buy for all mothers in my opinion.
- Ness89


Instant relief

Our son has mild colic and as soon as we put the belt on he instantly calm down. This helped him so much with passing gas and relieving tell me issues, I would highly recommend to any parent.
- tay


Helps with gas

Helps with gas. Wish you could heat up the whole belt, instead of just the pack. Do not heat. longer than directed, pack will burn and be ruined.
- Amazon Customer


A little confusing...

There were two different sets of directions that stated two different microwave times. The package says it can be used a heck of a lot more than the little insert says to use it. It's confusing. Has a great smell, I will give it that. Only worked a handful of times for our little guy but we found out he had a lactose sensitivity and was on the wrong formula, so not sure how much this really could have helped anyway.
- Alyssa

From Happi Tummi:  We checked our current stock and did not see that problem. However, it may have been a manufacturing issue and we apologize for the confusion. Glad it worked, but if it worked for only a short time, the herbal pouch may have been old.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to control stock held for long periods before sale. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to resolve your issues.


Didn't work well for us but nice product.

I wasn't very impressed with the product. It’s well made but my baby didn’t seem effected at all by it.
- PB

From Happi Tummi:  Thank you for the kind words and we are sorry that it did not work well for your baby. Please consult our “Happy Baby Mommy” web page for additional ideas to do in conjunction with Happi Tummi that will help your baby. Keep up your investigation to solve your baby’s problem and restore happiness to your home.


I love it

It works like a charm. It's unbelievable, the second we used it our baby stopped crying and we had the first night without crying ever.I would def. recommend this to everybody with gassy babies. I love it
- S. Saldana


Must have for gassy babies!!!

Definitely recommend if you have a gassy baby.  Very easy to use and clean since it has a velcro pouch that holds the separate sachet.  My nurse recommended this at a dr appt, and I could never be more grateful to that lady!!
- Melanie


Great for calming baby

My three week old didn't have colic but had difficulty with gas. This didn't do away with any gas necessarily, but it did help calm her. She seems to sleep much better with this. Not sure if it's the aromatherapy or the wrap itself working the magic.
- Samantha


Add This to Your Baby Arsenal ASAP

I'm a new mom and had never experienced colic with a newborn before. The worst feeling is exhausting all of your options only for your baby to remain unrelieved. Insert Happy Tummi. I was so excited to find out about this product. I purchased it & immediately put it to use when it arrived. My son immediately had a bowel movement, stopped crying, & went to sleep. I am going to purchase at least 2 more as gifts. This is a real review from a real mom. You won't be disappointed.
- Monica Cabrera


Did not work for my little one

I gave these 3 stars simply because the smell is very theraputic but when my son was being fussy and crying all night, this did not calm him. Also, it took forever to heat up (more than the 15-20 seconds) the second time I tried to use it with him. For those raving about this product, I'm glad it worked out for you, I'll just stick to gripe water and pacing back and forth with my little one for now.
- Gigi

From Happi Tummi:  We are sorry it did not work for you, but if it had, you would have saved the expense and risk of using ingestible products. Consider consulting our “Happy Baby Mommy” web site page to gain further insight into ideas that may help in conjunction with Happi Tummi. Your baby’s problem may need a little more attention. Good luck.


Helps fussy babies

I have a very gassy/fussy baby & this helped a lot. Very cute & easy to use
- Samantha Pinto


Amazing product

The box came damaged and opened, the wrap was not seen properly and had tons of strings hanging from it so was not happy about the appearance of the packaging or the product. But I have to say this has been a lifesaver for my baby as he hasn't been pooping on his own, crying constantly because he is always gassy. I put it on him and he immediately stopped fussing and crying and after an hour of wearing my son he pooped a ton. Although he hasn't pooped again with it, Everytime I put it on him, he stops fussing and crying and goes to sleep. It was well worth the money. Would have got 5 stars if it wasn't for the packaging and product defects.
- Ramon and Jennifer Puente

From Happi Tummi:  I am sorry you received this product in the condition it was sent. We had a rouge vendor selling samples and successfully shut them down. We will gladly send you a new one.


It’s a heat pad. The herbs are irrelevant

It’s a heat pad. That’s what comforts the baby. The herbs are irrelevant, just cause for extra money spending. I wouldn’t advise getting the extra refills.  I also heat it 18 seconds in the microwave rather than the recommended 15 seconds.
- Nasreen D.

From Happi Tummi:  Sorry the herbs did not seem to help. Most find it calming to the baby and to the mommy.  The herbs are essential, as Nanette told in her story. Warmth alone is not effective for many babies. Good luck.


Love it!

This item works wonders! I use it on my baby when he cries cause he has gas and its instant relief. I prefer using this than the drops they sell I feel like this item is more natural. I recommend it to any mom.
- Rosalba Hernandez


Good idea

It did not work for my daughter :( Good idea tho, I was sure it would help her calm down since warm weight would remind her my hand on her tummy. I wish it would have worked...
- Lana M

From Happi Tummi:  Sorry it did not work for you. There are a small percentage of babies that Happi Tummi cannot help. At least you tried, in the hope of calming her, and avoiding unnecessary Drugs or Drops ingested by her.  Good luck.


Highly recommended

I absolutely love this item ! Calms my baby down really fast ! She seems to enjoy it too ! I am so glad my friend recommended it to me ! This will be my next favorite item to gift for baby showers
- Jordan



I had a very gassy baby. Nothing could soothe him. And I mean NOTHING. I was desperate for something to work, and this did the trick. I love this. I use it periodically now when my baby gets fussy and it still works like a charm.
- Sharae Dotson


Nothing else worked

When my daughter was an infant she was colicky and cried just about all the time.  No amount of gas drops or other natural or medical remedies seemed to help.  I ordered this on a whim and it was magic!  We would lay this on her belly and she was soothed instantly.  Every one's baby is different and this may not work for yours, but it certainly did for mine.  In fact I just ordered another one for my cousin's new baby. They are having a similar problem with him.
- Heather P.


Keep close to nose

I used this four maybe five times thinking ok maybe I’m using it wrong. My son was doing fine with Brest milk and then his doctor told me he was dehydrated and I needed to use formula. So I started formula and he started to get “colicky” so I took him back to the doctor and she said use gripe water amd So I did. We tried the gripe water for three weeks and it didn’t help them I looked up other patents  suggestions  And they said this product and so I bought it. The only way I feel like it helped was he fell asleep right after but he needed it closer to his face than on his stomach.
- Katherine

From Happi Tummi:  The product calmed him enough to fall asleep and that is a great thing. Interesting that he responded to the herbal formula when it was closer to his face.  We are glad it helped even just a little to avoid using drops and drugs.


Still trying to decide if it helps or not

Still trying to get used to it. Not sure if it helps or not, at least it hasn’t helped our baby yet. Love the smell, though.
- MCC15


Might work for some but not all

Easy to use, seems to be good quality materials. But hasn’t worked for us. It didn’t help my daughters tummy when she had gas pains.
- Jess

From Happi Tummi:  Sorry it did not work for you. Please contact us and we would be happi to suggest other ideas in conjunction with Happi Tummi that may work for your baby.


soothes a tummy quickly and makes for a happy baby and happy parents

we had this for our gassy baby and have gifted it twice. soothes a tummy quickly and makes for a happy baby and happy parents. it's a good thing
- xarata


Makes my gassy baby happy!

Wasn't expecting a miracle but may have found one! Since transitioning to formula my colicky two month old has developed painful gas, once it arrived I heated it, wrapped it around his belly and after a few farts he promptly passed out like a rock! Hopefully this continues to work just as good.
- SR1618


Soothes Baby

Seems to soothe baby. Smell is strong, but doesn’t seem to bother her. I’m glad we purchased this.
- Jess


I was so happy with this product that I gave it to my ...

I was so happy with this product that I gave it to my friend who's baby had tummy issues and she was thrilled. Works amazingly and instantly!!!
- Chrissi Burrell


Love this product

Love this product! Will be purchasing for family and friends who are expecting in the future. This helps my little guy’s belly so much.
- tawni keeper


Works fine but for a short while

Good concept and it works sometimes but doesn’t last long past 15-20 mins.  When your baby is colicky / gassy at night you need something that gives you a longer ease period and helps them actually release the buildup in their tummies.
- Naveen

From Happi Tummi:  We are sorry that your experience was not long enough. However, it is way better in our view to give your baby Happi Tummi rather than drops or drugs every hour, 12 times per day as recommended by gripe water manufacturers. We also suggest that you consider Happi Tummi in conjunction with other investigation. Is your baby’s diet contributing to the pain or gas, etc? You can read about additional steps to take on our web site “Ask the Expert.”


Didnt do much for gas pains

I cannot express my excitement about this product enough. My daughter who is 8 weeks with colic has have everything tried on her to reduce her symptoms. She's on zantac for reflux, I use gas drops and gripe water, do belly massages, warm baths, she's on the most expensive formula after trying different ones out, and we give her a probiotic. All of these interventions have reduced her symptoms but not completely. This wrap has been such a great success. I've had to use less gas drops and gripe water. She does not look like she's in discomfort as much. As soon as I put it on her she relaxes and falls asleep. She even smiles while I am putting it on her which is amazing. I'm so happy my cousin told me about this product.
- Lindsay


New parent must-have

I cannot recommend this enough for new parents. It's an AWESOME product. It's wonderful for newborns who have difficulty settling, have colic or are still learning how to poop and pass gas. Just warm up the pouch inside and see how quickly your kiddo goes from grumpy to peaceful. The herbal aromatherapy inside smells great too.
- J.C. Regla


Buy it!

Absolutely works! My son is 3 weeks old and has dealt with constipation and gas. When he's in pain from the gas I put it on him and almost instantly he is calmed, passes gas and can sleep again. The pouch also smells good! The belt is very soft. Totally recommend this!
- metime


Might work for some but not all

Baby with terrible gas, didnt seem to help at all with fussiness or gas/stool passing. Looked lile it was too hot on babys skin after changing clothes i noticed red areas where it may have been too hot. I only microwaved for 15 seconds and tried on myself first but i think it had patchy areas in the rice pack that got too hot.
- Kara2010

From Happi Tummi:  We always recommend that you not apply Happi Tummi over a plastic diaper. Otherwise, the soft waistband and pouch have been lab tested safe for babies.  Good luck.


This does indeed calm a baby who is crying due ...

This does indeed calm a baby who is crying due to abdominal pain/discomfort. Totally worth the purchase. Within a few minutes of my baby crying and grunting and crunching with pain, I can see her start to relax after applying happi tummi and she falls asleep. I doubt the “herbs” have anything to do with relieving her pain, and it’s more the warmth, the same as applying heating pads for menstrual cramps eases pain. I wish there was an option to not have the scent or “herbs” and just have the heating beads or whatever they are. Although it smells soothing, Herbal supplements such as essential oils are not regulated by any agency and therefore make me wary when my infant is breathing the scent. For now, the benefits to her seem to outweigh a potential risk so I will continue to use when necessary. I would have given five stars if there was an “unsented” option. Regardless, this product is worth a shot if your baby cries due to abdominal pain.
- Miranda Coates


Very happy.

It's a really good product helped me son with tummy aches and gas, very happy.
- Katrina


I was having better results with a drop that I bought that is ...

Didn’t fixed the issue, and being fair probably most remedies won’t stop a colic, but as a parent you never want your baby to be crying and you try everything, I was having better results with a drop that I bought that is administrated with a syringe that you found in baby department in CVS or Walgreens
- Amazon Customer

From Happi Tummi:  We are glad that the product helped. If you must resort to drops or drugs, we suggest you use both. Sometimes just a little patience calms your baby, and eventually you can stop the drugs and just use the Happi Tummi.


Gas and constipation

I ordered the Happi Tummi for my brother and his new little addition and from what they have told me it works great for his gas and constipation. His son has been having trouble going but with the warm happi tummi it helps to move his bowls and he is a much happier baby.
- Cassey Boyle


Helped so much!

I honestly thought this wouldn't work! But as a desperate mom I was willing to trying anything! This helped so much and I am more than pleased!
- Evelyn Salvatore


Calming and quick relief for babies

Works well for my infant. We wished we would have had this for baby number one as he would have greatly benefited from it. It calms our baby almost instantly and many times puts him to sleep.


Much needed!

My baby has been much more comfortable since using Happi Tummi. I recommend this for any parent struggling with babys upset tummy. My daughter is going on 3 weeks old and has been sleeping like a champ. Compared to what it was like before trying this, it's been a night and day differences.
- Jessi


But this smells great and I have used it on my forehead once

Didn't really do anything for us at all. Colic Calm and Little Remedies gas drops helped. But this smells great and I have used it on my forehead once. I get the premise - the pressure on the belly feels like a hand (the Zen swaddles use the same idea). And the calming scents are great. It just didn't work for us. We still use lavender essential oils in the evening, but he ended up growing out of his freaking out crying stage between weeks 7 and 8.
- Anon

From Happi Tummi:  Thanks for trying the product. Like us, you probably prefer not to have your baby ingest drugs or drops. Try using Happi Tummi with the other product, then slowly ween your baby from the drops, while still using Happi Tummi.


I used this for my baby eight years ago. ...

I used this for my baby eight years ago.  It worked wonders then and present day, helps sooth menstrual cramps so that I can get some rest at night.


It works but it's to big

It works but it's to big. It would be better if the velcro was much longer so it could fit any size baby
- Monique H.


... our little munchkin at about 12wks and it was horrible. This helped so much

We experienced some seriously severe colic with our little munchkin at about 12wks and it was horrible. This helped so much!  I wrapped it super tight around his belly and he slept without having to be rocked in my arms. For a colicky baby I think when trying out things, more is always better.
- Miss HLAvant


Buy it. Immediately.

This is the only thing that helped my little one with gases. I would HIGHLY recommend it to parents who haven't slept in lord knows how long. See photo below.
- Renata T.


This was very easy to use and definitely seemed to calm my crying ...

Got this for my newborn as she was having lots of rough nights and gas drops just didn't seem to always help. This was very easy to use and definitely seemed to calm my crying baby. It helped her calm down enough to get to sleep so 5 stars for that! An added bonus is it smells pretty good too
- Melissa S


No luck soothing bebe, but quality product

Didn't work for my baby, but all babies are different. The satchel smells nice and the fabric is very soft. I do wish the velcro were a bit longer- it doesn't fit snugly around my 11 lb one-month old.
- Discerninglady

From Happi Tummi:  Sorry the product did not work for you. Try using Happi Tummi, while investigating other causes to reduce the symptoms.


Great quality product

Great quality product, well made, very soft, and the lavender sachet smelled great. Only issue I had with it is that it was way too big for my son and he'd outgrown the colic by the time he was big enough to fit it.
- Jacquie Fought



It's nice to touch thing and easy to use. My baby did like the warmth of this belt and it actually did help to calm her down when her tummy bothering her.
- Ekaterina


Great product!

We used on on our daughter when she was an infant and now use it a warm compress when she has ear infections.  Great product!
- taraphrasing



My baby has colic from 8 pm - 11 pm every night. We have tried gripe water, probiotic drops, white noise, etc, I decided to buy Happi Tummi and it WORKS INSTANTLY! Heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds, wrap it around him outside his clothes, and he is asleep in seconds. TOTALLY recommend it to anyone who is dealing with a colic baby. Hope it works for you like it does me!
- Joshua


High recommend!! Mom of 4

Love happi tummi wraps!! They are so soothing for gassy babies!! The warmth, lavender smell and feeling snug always calmed my kids. I have 4 kids and this is one product we used for all of them :)
- Amazon Customer


My little guy was also super gassy from his formula

My little guy was also super gassy from his formula.  This seemed to soothe his little tummy for a short bit.  The only think I wasn't too happy with, it didn't stay warm for too long!
- Shaina Wright


Perfect with Proper Use

I think 10 seconds in the microwave is plenty warm enough for a newborn. Even a small amount of heat over time is enough to ease her discomfort. 15 seconds made her too hot too quick. With proper use and supervision this product can be helpful for a gassy baby. Sometimes we heat it up and lie it next to her just for the aromatherapy effect.
- Cassaundra Shipman


Must buy

It saved my life. I love love it so much. Easy to use. Every time my son has problems with his stomach i used this one. Then a couple minutes later he calmed. This is a great choice.Now i still keep it in refrigerator for almost two years now. Lol.
- V.P


very calming and soothing

Comes in box. Perfect for gas pains, fussy or colic babies. Very soothing with its warmth and calming sent. Great shower gift.  After my baby was extremely fussy all day and I have tried everything, I pulled this out and it instantly worked!Edited: it's been 3 years and I'm on to my next baby and I still LOVE it. I haven't even needed to purchase a new insert. After each use I place the original insert back in the baggy which locks in the aroma.
- agorak



Amazing! Worked wonders for my super gassy baby girl. She calms down almost instantly and sleeps so much better when my husband and I put this on her. Love it!


Bought in anticipation of colic....

My first baby was colicky so I was gearing up for my second baby to have the same issues.  While she hasn't had colic, this has worked great for the few times it seemed like her stomach might be hurting.  We have used it just to calm her down when she gets worked up and it has been great. I would definitely buy it again to just have never know when you are going to need to pull it out of your bag of tricks when nothing else will calm the baby. :)
- K. Carmouche


2011 - Present
"I used Happi Tummi with my preemie, who had an underdeveloped digestive system and reflux. He was very cranky...then we discovered Happi Tummi. It really soothed him and me in the process." 
- Dawn Owner,

Happi Tummi® came handy to soothe, calm & warm my baby’s tummy. It gave me peace of mind that I was able to help ease the discomfort he was experiencing.
- "Sophie Parienti Editor-in-Chief, Yogi Times


“Two days after we got home from the hospital our baby started crying uncontrollably.  She was particularly fussy right after eating and we didn’t know how to soothe her- sometimes the crying bouts would last all night. We decided to try the Happi Tummi™ and were amazed that within 2 minutes our baby stopped crying. We began putting it on her throughout the day and even before she would eat.  It kept her from starting to cry.”
- Julie, Raleigh, NC


I have recently purchased a happi tummi band for my little girl here in the U.K. And it has worked brilliantly for her tummy.  ...  I think more uk mums need to know about that this product. Thanks  
- Laura

“When our baby was only a few days old, he would just cry and cry.  We didn’t know what to do.  A friend of ours gave us the Happi Tummi™. It was very simple to use and calmed him almost immediately after application.”
- Wade, San Diego, CA


“My girlfriend gave me the Happi Tummi™ as a gift.  My baby didn’t have colic, but he was being really fussy one day and I realized he had not had a bowel movement in a couple of days. I heated the pouch according to the directions and placed it on his belly. I was amazed at how soon he had a bowel movement and was back to his normal happy self.”
- Sher, Carlsbad, CA


“Miranda" came into my life during the summer of 1996. I lived in a remote part of the Rocky Mountains, no 911 service, no close friends to speak of, and my mom living 1500 miles away. Although I now would not trade a moment of my life with her, a screaming colicky baby was not what I had bargained for. I found myself with a drug addicted, verbally abusive boyfriend.....alone and isolated with a very unhappy baby. The home health care nurse never said a word about why she was so uncomfortable. The only young mother I knew said "Well honey, some babies are just born with baggage!" And my pediatrician just told me it would pass. I became exhausted, depressed, and for the first time in my life I actually understood how a mother could hurt her own baby. Even now, eleven years later, I live with the guilt of grabbing the pillow next to her and punching it repeatedly. I wonder if she somehow remembers how desperate and angry I was that I could not take care of her the way other mother's must be able to do. I felt like I had failed her. My daughter (and son!) is a fantastic, bright, and beautiful young girl and I thank God for her everyday. If I only knew then what I know now. I have shared my story with the friends who have come and gone through my life and I am always so surprised at the similarities in our "baby experiences". I feel that I have been able validate the frustration that they are feeling. As mother's we seem to learn about the "colicky baby" by word of mouth and certainly not from the medical community. After meeting Nanette and hearing about "HappiTummi", I was so happy to hear that someone was trying to help. I told her that I would have given anything to have one eleven years ago. I hope that Nanette's desire to help mother's and her product opens the door to discuss how truly hard it is to take care of these children. It may save the life of a child. Mother's need to know that they are not alone in their experience.”   
- Marie Culver City, CA

"I am a recent Grandmother for the first time. Our little girl has colic or she is sometimes just fussy. I happened to see your product "Happi Tummi" for the first time. So I bought two for my daughter. This the best investment I ever made. I wish I had this product 30 years ago for my colicky daughter. It worked wonders. What a wonderful product. Both my daughter ad I are very pleased. We have a very calm and happy baby."  Sincerely Yours,
- Marilyn


This product is wonderful. Helps my daughter so much, I recommend this product.  Best $20 I've ever spent!   
- TONY22 Santa Clarita. Ca

My three week old granddaughter has just recently started having some major gas issues. I found out about the Happi Tummi Waistband completely by accident. We had been trying everything to help her so we figured it couldn't hurt to try it. I am so glad that we did! Within minutes, it helped calm her ...(read more) Yes, I recommend this product.   
- KORIC Jaffrey, NH