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How Much Are You Losing to Absenteeism?

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Before we discuss how, let’s seek to view the issue differently, in a way previously tried with miserable results, getting employees engaged in their own health. Wouldn’t it be fantastic, incredible if your employees actually made the effort to immediately reduce the symptoms that are keeping them from work, menstrual cramps, back and neck pain, stomach issues, which usually cause the most absences.  How can you get your employees to act in their own best interest?

Consider how employees see the issue? “ Hey this is temporary and I just don’t feel like dealing with it today,” said our employee one day. “I couldn’t sleep all night,” said another. It is not that your employees are lazy or not willing to work hard for you. In fact when asked, most employees really do not want to miss work, especially if they are paid hourly, or have limited sick time. They just simply do not want to “Muscle it up.”

They are tired of going to work, sitting at a desk, or on the job, just enduring the symptoms. They do not have to “Muscle up,” and you could be offering them a simple solution, one that they welcome, actually appreciate receiving. Instead of trying to teach them, educate them or exercise them, meet them where they are, in pain and seeking relief, naturally, externally and effectively.  What if your employees actually looked forward to relief from their symptoms, and therefore we’re more likely and happy to go to work. 

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