Having A Challenging Child Moment? 3 Techniques That Help

Having A Challenging Child Moment? 3 Techniques That Help

We've all been there. Your child is fussy and you just want to pull your hair out.

Of course you can put a Happi Tummi on them. The warmth and aroma soothes and calms them instantly.

It's also important to take the time to do these three things:

Stop. Take a moment to think about how you really want to respond to your child.

Breathe. Consider what is happening with your emotions. Take a deep breath or two to calm down.

Talk. Once you have gathered your thoughts, be intentional with your words to help guide your child toward the outcome you really want.

3 tips to calm a child

These 3 tips are a great strategy for intentional parenting! But does the research back it up? YES – in fact, a 2014 study from Hurrell, Hudson, and Schneiring has demonstrated that parental reactions to children’s emotions play a role in the development of children’s emotional regulation.

In other words, the way WE, as parents, react and interact with our child during a heated or challenging moment plays an important role in our children’s emotional development. What we model for them in terms of how we handle our own emotions affects how they will learn to handle their own big feelings.

While I was raising my kids, there were plenty of times when my own “big feelings” got ahead of me in a tough moment. I do not get it right every time! But I tended to do better when I remembered to Stop. Breathe. Talk. It just gave me the chance to get out of my own emotions and slow down. The breath helped reset my brain so I could think a little more clearly. And then, after I had calmed down a little, I could speak to my child in a way that I intend to.

What challenging child emotions are you struggling with? What other tips would you share that have worked in helping your child with those tough moments? Leave a comment below.

Nanette Meneses Founder of Happi Tummi

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