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Dealing with an Unhappy Crying Baby
Ask the Baby Expert

My baby won't stop crying, what should I do?

Are you trying to calm your crying baby? You don’t know what to do? Are you feeling like a “bad” mom, or blaming yourself because you shouldn’t be so frustrated? You are not alone. The unwritten reality is that you are feeling like most parents that have a baby who is crying uncontrollably. We keep our frustration quiet because we think people will judge us or they do not understand. No judgement here. Let’s get you and your baby back to a happy place.

Introducing Nanette

Nanette Meneses, the founder of Happi Tummi, suffered the same way when her first born was colicky. She talks to thousands of mothers about their baby issues and shares how she assesses the cause of a crying baby to help you find relief. 

"First, I check the obvious. When I was really stressed, I was overlooking some simple solutions. It is normal for crying to start for one reason but continue for another. My first thoughts are overheating, the diaper or hunger."

First things to check:

  • Is your baby overheating?
  • Have you checked their diaper?
  • Are they hungry?


Babies can get hot from crying excessively, or if they are covered by excessive blankets. I was always worried my baby was too cold, and I would put on too many clothes, socks, and a blanket. We sometimes want to protect them from the elements, and unknowingly we just keep them too bundled. My experienced mother friends would always tease me about this.

Feel the forehead with the back of your hand. Is it excessively hot to the touch? If so, remove some clothes, and see if a cold cloth on the forehead helps, even a little. 

It may not be the underlying cause but a contributor to the crying, and any less crying is welcome, right? Of course, if your baby is really hot, take your baby’s temperature and consult a doctor if the temperature is high.

Check that Diaper

Check to see if the diaper is too tight, or if one of those plastic tabs is stuck to your baby’s skin, or to a thigh. Sometimes the diaper has moved to an uncomfortable position with all the fussiness or squirming. Hmmmm?


Is your baby hungry? When you are dealing with a baby that has been crying for long periods, the reason may change. It started as colic, gas, constipation or just fussy, but then someplace in the process the issue becomes hunger. Is it scheduled time to feed your baby? If so, that’s easy.

If those are not an issue, let's go a little deeper. I think most babies who are not happy are dealing with a stomach issue.

Consider looking at these areas:

  • Is your baby suffering from colic?
  • Does your baby have gas?
  • Or could your baby be constipated?


Colic is a horrible thing to deal with, and I had a colicky baby that would not stop crying due to Colic and Gas. 

Want to hear Nanette's experience? Doctors will tell you there is no explanation for why colic happens. It can attack seemingly healthy babies. It has not been related to diet, breastfeeding, allergy, gas, constipation or other typical problems with the digestive system, although each of those issues can cause a baby to cry. Soothing Colic is sometimes the only option because Colic is a diagnosis used by doctors and health care practitioners when all else fails. And usually they tell you that it takes 2-6 months to go away. “How long?” I yelled!! There are few natural, external remedies.

That is why Nanette invented Happi Tummi, a natural remedy to colic. It works on fussy, gassy, constipated and colic babies instantly. Reviews and testimonialsfrom parents like you whose prayers were answered, tell their stories of overcoming colic. You should not suffer needlessly any more either. 


Gas can really be hard to define, and is similar to colic. Every baby gets some type of gas, and we know how to burp them, but many little bellies are not yet fully formed and cannot process breast milk, or those foods, hormones or allergens that are in our milk because of what we eat. Natural ways to solve colic and gas are available. If you are breastfeeding, check your foods.

Here are some things they don’t tell you that can cause gas; broccoli, onions, salad, almonds, pineapple, garlic, oranges or coffee. Consider restricting some of these foods, and see if it doesn’t help. But I know, you may need relief now. Please try the Happi Tummi, it really works. 


If you are breastfeeding, these simple steps reduced constipation in my baby. I had to continually make sure my daughter was given enough breastfeeding. I was breastfeeding, but I would make sure she stayed on a frequent schedule of feedings. Breastfeeding gives vital nutrients but also natural fluids. If you are already off breastfeeding, keep an eye on the type of intake and any changes.

If you are not breastfeeding, I found that many formulas have a lot of iron in them. Constipation can be caused by excess iron in the diet. I read the labels carefully. See if you can find formula with reduced iron. Make sure your baby is not lactose intolerant.

Consider soy based products or even goat’s milk. It is important also to make sure your baby is getting plenty of fluids, especially if iron intake is higher. Happi Tummi helped with constipation, as a baby and even a toddler. I use the Happi Tummi on my teenager now. It simply reduces the tension in the stomach and allows for freer (Is that a word?) flow. Also Happi Tummi helps in the transitional periodif you need to change formula. I can’t tell you how many moms have thanked me for that bit of advice.

If these are not a solution, you need more powerful answers. Let’s look earlier in this article or under our other articles on colic, gas and constipation. 

I hope these tips help you and your baby. One thing I know for sure, if your baby is not sleeping well, neither are you. Happi Tummi will help, just give it a chance. Unlike other companies, if you do not feel the product is working, I personally want to hear from you. How can I make that offer, because I am a mom. That is one thing I love to do, is help moms like you.

So email me, and tell me what is going on. I will email back, and may even have time for a call. I know you will find help here, and of course please tell your family, and friends about Happi Tummi because I do not want any babies needlessly suffering.

If someone asks me “Why I do what I do?”, it's because I love sharing the stories you share with me.

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