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All About Herbs:

It is a proprietary blend of herbs which include but not limited to peppermint, chamomile, spearmint.

It has more than Lavender, in fact, lavender is one of 7 proprietary herbs, not found in any other product on the market. Trust those that have used it, our blend works, unlike products containing just lavender.

Happi Tummi contains a patented formula of 100% all natural herbs that are antispasmodic. Lavender and Chamomile are two of our herbs. The herbal formula combined with heat and gentle compression calm and soothe a baby, gently and effectively.

With regular use, the herb pack lasts more than 100 applications effectively.  When the pouch loses it’s pleasing scent or seems less effective, it is time to buy a new pouch.

Effectiveness: Does Happi Tummi for babies and the family really work?

From a customer:

It worked for my baby.

By Amazon Customer on February 17, 2021

From Happi Tummi, YES YES YES it really works. Look at our over 600 successful reviews on Amazon alone.

Yes the antispasmodic herbs soothe the ailment, whether it is related to muscle cramping, spasm or pain, giving instant relief, naturally and effectively.

How to use Happi Tummi for Babies:

It is simple.

1. Take the Happi Tummi® pouch out of the package. 

2. Place the herbal pouch in the microwave on a clean surface and turn it on for 15 seconds. Test the Happi Tummi™ on the inside of your arm, to make sure it is not too hot for the baby.

3. Once you feel it is at a warm temperature and not hot, place the pouch inside the wrap, and over the baby’s abdomen. Wrap around waist and connect with the velcro strap. Hug your baby and watch the magic as your baby calms peacefully!

How to use the Family Size Wrap and Pouch:

It is simple. 

1. Take the Happi Tummi® herbal pouch out of the package. 

2. Place the herbal pouch in the microwave,

on a clean surface and turn it on for 1 Minute (only the larger pouch, Test the Happi Tummi™ on the inside of your arm, to make sure it is not too hot. (-take this out...see directions for the baby wrap and pouch.)   

3. Once you feel it is at a warm temperature and not hot, place the pouch inside the wrap, and over the place that is causing pain or symptoms wrap around waist and attach velcro so it is snug not tight. Watch the magic. It really works!!

Warming Your Pouch:

You can microwave the herbal pack for 15 secs then put it in the wrap or see other ways to warm it.

Yes, it can be warmed without a microwave by warming the herbal pouch in an oven for a few minutes wrapped in a moist towel.

You can warm the herbal pouch in the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees. Wrap the herbal pouch with a damp cloth (not wet) and place in an oven safe dish. You do not want it to get wet because it can cause the herbs to get moldy over time. Warm for 5 minutes. Make sure when you take the pouch out that it is not too hot for the baby by testing the pouch in a sensitive area of your body.

There are no batteries.

Family Wrap Products:

Heat 1 minute. If you are reheating the pouch, and it is not completely cool, then only 15 seconds is all that is needed.

The signature smell of the Happi Tummi for baby and adult tells you the pouch is still effective. Soothing scent is emitted, and calms you and your baby, or your ailment.

Yes, it can be warmed without a microwave by warming the herbal pouch in an oven for a few minutes wrapped in a moist towel.

How young or old can the baby be to use Happi Tummi?

You can use Happi Tummi on a newborn from time of birth. It has been used with preemies, and babies that were born from drug moms from the time of birth with success. Please make sure that you test the herbal pouch on a sensitive part of your under arm or neck so that it is not too warm.

The Happi Tummi is made for Toddlers too, however if the waistband is too tight, simply attach an extension velcro onto the product. Happi Tummi is launching a Toddler to 5 year old size shortly to accommodate those babies that are growing at the upper range of percentile growth.

Wearing or Sleeping with the Pouch:

Your baby can wear the Happi Tummi all night, as long as you don’t think it is uncomfortable for him/her.

Happi Tummi will work either way, but most importantly make your baby comfortable. If it is cold out, put the Happi Tummi wrap over his or her clothes, if it is warm, you can apply the wrap directly to the skin. Either way, the warmth  and restriction provides great comfort to their tummies.

Happi Tummi does stop spasm and pain related to muscle cramping.

How Often Can I use the Happi Tummi?

From a Customer: “I used it as needed. I kept it on my baby until she calmed down.  It was helping us big time. The baby would calm down in a  few minutes. I highly recommend it.”

From Happi Tummi: We agree and are glad our customers have great results.  Whether you are using the baby product or family size, Happi Tummi is natural, and can be applied to soothe and calm the areas of pain as frequently as needed.

You can use the Happi Tummi as often as you need or like. There is nothing to ingest, all fully external. Use it often to calm your baby.

From a customer: “From my personal experience with my now 5 month old son, I used this belly wrap 2-3 times every night. My son started having colic at 3 weeks old until he was 3.5 months old. This product truly helped. Again, this is just my 2 cents.”

Is the Happi Tummi Product Safe?

Yes, Like all products, Happi Tummi® must be used as instructed. It is to be used only externally and if applied to a baby, it should be administered under the supervision of a parent or caregiver.  It is not a toy and the baby should never be left with the Happi Tummi® unsupervised. The adult using the product should also follow the heating instructions as written on the package.

Yes. Pediatricians are recommending the Happi Tummi ®. It is the only 100% natural, external remedy for colic and fussy stricken babies! When we discovered that this product really worked for calming a colicky and fussy baby, we shared it with our pediatrician. He was amazed. However, he was really amazed when he had the opportunity to try the Happi Tummi® on his grandson who was born with colic.

It is an herbal belt that has been specially formulated to calm babies and relieve them from colic and gas pain. 

It is a 100% natural external remedy. Most products on the market to calm babies from colic and gas pain are ingestible. Happi Tummi ® is the only product specifically designed to be used externally.

Comparison to Other Products:

Happi Tummi® is the only 100% natural external remedy that has been specifically formulated for babies with colic and gas.  It was also formulated to calm the caregiver too.

In cost studies, other ingested products cost less, but you can see they only last a week. Happy Tummi is a far less expensive relief and can be used as the baby gets older.

One Happi Tummi® can last for the entire time of a colic stricken baby. Basing it on an infant that has colic for 3 to 4 months.  It is easy for a parent or caregiver to spend on the average $300 or more on remedies to treat their colic stricken baby, most all other products have to be ingested. One Happi Tummi® will cost you less than $30.

How Long Can the Product be on the Shelf?

If stored properly the Happi Tummi® can last up to 6 months. See packaging for


Thank you allowing us to answer your questions. Let us know if you have any more questions or if we can assist you with anything else. Congratulations by the way if you are reading this as a new parent! Having a baby is such a joyous experience...even when they are fussy! :)