Nanette the founder of Happi Tummi embracing her two teenage children facing us.

A happi story that solves a problem for mom, baby and family.

Nanette Meneses was thrilled when her first child, a baby girl, was born. But, being a first-time mom, Nanette was nervous about her baby's continuous crying. Doctors told her that the baby was suffering from colic and the only solution was to simply ride it out. If you're lucky, Nanette was told, it would end in three or four months.

Nanette refused to sit helplessly by and watch as her baby suffered. The stress and lack of sleep exhausted the family as they tried every product available. Nothing worked; the crying continued.

Nanette remembered an old Latin family remedy—you could say it was an old wives' remedy, but those old wives could be pretty smart. She researched and tested herbs until she created a little fabric pouch and belly wrap with seven effective natural organic herbs and ingredients. After warming the herbal pouch and putting the belly wrap around the baby's abdomen, the crying stopped.

She tried it many times and it kept working every time. The baby was quieted and comforted and Nanette and her family could finally get a good night's sleep.

Then, Nanette was on a mission. (It's always good to start a mission after a good night's sleep.) She created Happi Tummi so that moms and dads everywhere could comfort a colicky baby and feel less stress knowing there's an all-natural solution that can help.

Now, pediatricians, lactation consultants, nurses, doulas, chiropractors and other medical practitioners across the country recommend Happi Tummi for colic and gas.

Like all good stories, it has a Happi ending.