Corporate Internet Seller and Reseller Policy

I.     The Household Name Products Inc. (COMPANY) Internet Seller Policy governs the internet sale of manufactured and branded products under the trademark Happi Tummi (TM). This policy is provided to all new and existing wholesale and retail Sellers.

II.    The COMPANY believes it is in the best interest of the consumer and the customer experience, that all online sales with sales platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay and other such sellers be conducted exclusively by the owner of the Trademark and brand Household Name Products Inc. as of April 15, 2020. This prohibition does not limit the sale of Happi Tummi products on a retailers own web site, owned and operated by the wholesale entity approved by Household Name Products Inc. To warranty products as effective and viable, and maintain a great customer experience, the product requires limitation on exposure to such elements as heat, poor storage conditions and exposure to contaminants. Additionally, authorized sellers are required to replenish inventory regularly and destroy, at their cost, any unsold inventory that is beyond the expiration date set by the COMPANY. 

Additionally COMPANY DOES NOT WARRANTY product sold to additional wholesalers or retailers other than product sold by COMPANY directly to the retailer or seller, to avoid contamination, selling of inferior or used products, and to protect the integrity of the Brand.

In addition, the COMPANY chooses to promote its products with special wholesale pricing only to those sellers, retailers and vendors who advertise pricing that HAPPI TUMMI deems sufficient to support a high level of service and to encourage the commitment and investment of our Sellers in the brand. The Company reserves the right to deny any application or revoke purchasing privileges at any time. Decisions regarding this policy are the COMPANY’S alone, and this policy can be amended at any time. Such amendments will be communicated via mail and/or email to all involved parties.

III.                Policies and Restrictions

A.     Authorized Sellers: Only authorized Sellers are permitted to sell HAPPI TUMMI branded products through their website. An Authorized Seller is someone who maintains and has submitted a current application with the Company and received written approval. Such approved Sellers may sell the COMPANY’S products through a website Storefront maintained by them.

a.     Please note a “Storefront” on or similar "Marketplace Facilitators" is not considered a website under control of the Authorized Seller under this policy. Sale of the COMPANY products on Market Facilitator sites violates exclusivity agreements with third parties and is strictly prohibited per the terms of this policy.

b.     Copyright and Trademark: The philosophy and integrity of the HAPPI TUMMI brand must be consistently protected at all times. Content displayed on the HAPPI TUMMI website, in brochures, advertisements, product packaging, product information sheets and other marketing materials are copyrighted and trademarked. All content appearing on or associated with all privately labeled product, is copyrighted and trademark protected. No party shall be entitled to license or use Trademarks without the express permission of COMPANY.

c.     Brand Representation: The unauthorized use of copyrights, trademarks, logos, manufacturing images, product images, copy or other HAPPI TUMMI information on the internet without expressed consent is prohibited. All photos, images, and product and/or company description content pertaining to or describing HAPPI TUMMI must be current and obtained from the COMPANY directly. This information cannot be copied from the HAPPI TUMMI website or other internet sources, unless specifically authorized in writing by the COMPANY. This information may be updated and amended at any time. Such amendments will be communicated via mail and/or email to all involved parties.

d.     Information Disclosure: All individuals or companies intending to sell the COMPANY products through the internet on sites they own, and not on aggragator sites, agree to disclose all ownership or association of any kind with other affiliated websites of any type. HAPPI TUMMI must be notified of any website or online presence intended to sell the COMPANY products. All individuals or companies seeking to sell through the internet, shall notify COMPANY of storefront url changes, launches, and/or storefront name changes prior to implementation. Websites where HAPPI TUMMI products are sold or advertised must provide access to the current COMPANY name and office address contact information.

e.     International Restrictions: Products are for distribution in the United States only. Due to international supplement regulations and policies governing such products, and to protect the integrity and rights of our international distributors, products cannot be shipped from the US to international destinations without express permission of the COMPANY. The COMPANY may accept the application of sellers to sell internationally, but such permission and license must be in writing.

f.     Compliance with Laws: The Seller is solely responsible to comply with all applicable laws and regulations where it advertises or sells the COMPANY products.

g. The COMPANY maintains certain exclusive Seller agreements. Therefore, HAPPI TUMMI and related products may not be advertised or sold on and any of its affiliates by anyone except Household Name Products Inc. Sellers who violate this exclusive agreement are subject to immediate and permanent suspension of purchasing privileges, and may be prosecuted for violation of the COMPANY MAP policy as well as actions for Fraud, Trademark Violations, resale of non warranty products and other violations as the situation dictates.

IV.    Pricing Provisions: Authorized approved Sellers must abide by the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy. The Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy applies to all Sellers including those that own, operate or manage websites, online stores, pharmacies and boutiques and all sellers in the Facilitator Marketplace like Amazon. The MAP policy applies to all printed and electronic advertisements of HAPPI TUMMI products including but not limited to catalogs, brochures, websites, email solicitations, special offers, newsletters and electronic coupons or coupon codes. Sellers agree to assume all liability and responsibility for the resale of products through the internet.

V.      Advertising: Through the purchase of HAPPI TUMMI products, Sellers agree not to advertise through any medium of mass communication any product at less than the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for each respective product as listed on the HAPPI TUMMI professional product list in effect at the time of the advertising. This policy prohibits the advertising of any volume discount or other promotion that would cause the per unit sales price to be advertised at less than the SRP. Similarly, any language referring to or speaking of inferred discounts that a Sellers may receive through a website is prohibited.

VI.      Failure to Comply: In order to preserve brand integrity, COMPANY requires compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in this policy. If a Sellers fails to comply with the terms herein, the COMPANY shall notify them via phone, email or standard mail of the violation and immediately place the Seller’s account on hold until the Seller has come into compliance. Failure to comply with the MAP policy may result in temporary or permanent revocation of the Seller’s wholesale purchasing privileges, suspension of the account or termination of the account. COMPANY reserves the right to revoke the Seller’s wholesale price purchasing privileges and/or terminate the account of any Sellers in violation of any of the terms or conditions outlined in this policy with or without prior notice. Violation of any such terms automatically forfeits the account holder’s ability to purchase products in any capacity. Additionally, COMPANY intends to enforce MAP violations and violations of this policy statement rigorously in the appropriate jurisdiction, and further will seek costs and attorney fees for violation of these terms, damages to reputation, fraud where the seller is selling poorly stored, old, resold or used products, and local and state laws against consumer misrepresentation and unfair business practices.

VII.             Pricing List Happi Tummi

$26.95   Baby Waistband and Refill Kit 

$31.95  Baby Animal Waistband and Refill Kit

$12.97   Baby Refill 

$49.97   Adult Waistband and Refill Kit 

$19.97   Odor Absorbing Technology Air Freshener – Baby Powder Scent or unscented.

For inquiries to become an authorized seller, please email For inquires or to report MAP or sales violations, please contact our MAP enforcement team at and note in the subject line, MAP or Policy Violations.