Happi Tummi Brand Ambassador Program

Our quest is to eliminate all unnecessary baby suffering. 
And we're happy you want to join us.

If you're passionate about helping babies by promoting a natural remedy
(no drops or drugs), you're in the right place.

Our Brand Ambassadors help us by spreading the word about our product, and in return, bringing relief to babies all over the world. Happi Tummi brings instant, natural relief for baby's crying that comes from colic, gas, constipation, acid reflux, or difficulty sleeping. The Happi Tummi belly wrap swaddles and comforts baby, while soothing natural herbs and warmth provide immediate and calming relief. Happi Tummi can be used in every household to soothe and calm babies, their parents and even toddlers. We love to call it the "band-aid for the stomach" that makes a boo boo feel better instantly. 


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💜 10% discount for your referrals to use when purchasing their Happi Tummi products

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