Odor Eliminator Natural Sprays

Happi Tummi’s very own all-natural Odor Eliminating Spray!  Baby’s room or changing area can get a bit stinky and we have the safe and all-natural solution. 

We like natural fresh air smells and want odors gone whether it's baby diapers, spit up, spilled milk, pet smells, bathroom or kitchen odors.  How do we achieve this without toxic covers up sprays, candles and room deodorizers?  Odor Eliminating spray is how, and you can choose fragrance free or Baby Scent.

Odor Eliminating Spray non-toxic, guaranteed to be safe and all-natural.  It is enzyme free, which is so important to those developing allergies to enzymes and it is safe around kids, babies and pets.  Odor Eliminating Spray identifies the odor, bonds with the odor, neutralizes the odor and the odor is eliminated.

Happi Tummi had this product developed especially for our Brand. We require all products to be all natural, but effective, and these sprays deliver.

We will only be shipping to locations in the US due to COVID-19 and our inability to guarantee timely international shipping. We appreciate your patience.

Kindly note: We do not deliver to P.O. Boxes.