10 Ways to Boost Your Mood

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As part of our Happi Tummi Family, we want to help your boost your mood. Sometimes we know why our mood is low and other times we don’t.

Whatever the reason you need to boost your mood, and as long as you haven’t been diagnosed with clinical depression, you can take action to feel happy again. You'll have to admit, boosting your mood does require you to do your part, but with our 10 quick fixes, we'll boost your mood in no time. 

Here are 10 ideas to boost your mood:

Mood Booster #1 – Read

Reading takes you somewhere else - that may be all you need.

Mood Booster #2 – Listen to Music

Turn on the tunes. What’s your happy dance? Play that music.

Mood Booster #3 – Laugh

Look up jokes on Google, watch a funny movie, or call a funny friend.

Mood Booster #4 – Practice Kindness

Take your mind off yourself and do something for someone else.

Mood Booster #5 – Fix Your Posture

Sit up or stand up intentionally straight with good posture. Hold it It works.

Mood Booster #6 – Eat clean

Too many carbs and sugar can let you down hard. Reset your body and eat clean.

Mood Booster #7 – Pray

Pray. Or meditate to release stress, anxiety, or a low mood.

Mood Booster #8 – Exercise

This shows up on every list because it works. Run, walk, whatever works for you. Exercise is powerful.

Mood Booster #9 – Smile

This may be forced at first but do it in a mirror and soon you will be feeling it all over. Walk around your home inside or out and notice what special thing happens when you smile.

Mood Booster #10 – Give Thanks

Even in the most challenging situations, you know how to have gratitude and thankfulness for so much in your life.  

You can do this! Paste this list to your dashboard, computer, bathroom mirror, screen saver or anywhere to remind you. Remember that you are special and that you add value to so many people who rely on you.

You are important. Be that important person to yourself too. And if you find this helpful, share with those that matter to you. You deserve to boost your mood and feel happy - that's what being part of our Happi Tummi Family is all about.

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