New puppy being smelled by mother dog

You brought your new bundle of joy home and now the perils of “real life” set in. What am I supposed to do with this tiny little ball of life now, especially when they get stinky? I cannot just take them into the shower or down to the local self-serve carwash and hose them down like I would my dirt bikes, right? Of course not, so here is a little helpful advice;

What you will need:

  • Baby Bathtub – check around and do your homework, there are many, many to choose from
  • Changing Mat – check around as well some are sold as a kit or buy separately depending on your preference
  • Two (2) Baby Bath Towels – do not just home towels as they can irritate your little one’s gentle skin
  • Waterproof Apron – yes, you are going to get wet among other things.
  • Cotton Balls – for those “hard to reach areas” and areas that need a little more love and a little less scrub
  • Baby Soap – again, do your homework and choose what works for you and what you feel comfortable with, there are hundreds on the market so do not get overwhelmed.
  • Diaper Changing Equipment – mats, wipes, diapers, etc.
  • Baby Powder – again, homework for what works for you and your baby
  • Clean clothes

Now let’s get down to business, getting the bath ready;

1.  Put in cold water, add hot, and mix. Test with your elbow as it should be tepid, NOT hot!!! Do not put in any more than 2” (5cm) of water into tub.

2.  Lay the bath towel on the changing mat and undress your bundle of joy down to their diaper.

3.  Wrap them snugly in a “clean” bath towel and wipe their eyes and face with a moistened cotton ball. This method will keep your little one from accidentally having water enter the nasal cavity or mouth and cause irritation to either. It will also make for a much more enjoyable bathing experience down the road.

Rinsing your baby’s hair; (regardless of how much is there or is not there)

1.  Cradle their head in one hand, their back along your forearm, and tuck their legs under your elbow. Gently pour water from the baby tub over their head with a cupped hand. Do not splash their face and do keep on smiling and chatting while doing all of this.

2.  Bring your baby back to your lap to pat their head dry with a second clean baby towel.

Soaping them;

1.  Lay your baby on the mat and unwrap the towel. Moisten the soap and make a lather in your hands. Rub your hands all over their upper body while talking and smiling to them to keep them calm and responsive. Rinse your hands.

2.  Take off the diaper and clean their bottom; then make your hands soapy again and run them over your baby’s bottom and legs and feet and toes…. Can’t get enough of those toes!

3.  Now lift your little one up, supporting their head and neck with your forearm, your hand holding them firmly around the far shoulder and upper arm. Put your other hand under their bottom and thighs and gently place them in the baby tub.

4.  Smile and talk to your baby constantly to assure then it is all okay.

5.  Continue to support their head and shoulders and gently, with your free hand, cup water and let it cascade down over your little one’s body keeping it away from the head, face and ears.

6.  Two or three minutes is long enough to be in the water for a very young baby. Lift them out of the water by slipping your free hand under their bottom, making sure to hold them firmly as they will be slippery. Make sure to support their head and bottom to avoid any type of flopping as you would a slippery fish!

7.  Now wrap them in the clean baby towel on your lap and cuddle them dry. Place them on the mat and dry all their little skin creases and use a clean fresh diaper. If you use powder, sprinkle it on your hands and run the powder over their little body avoiding the diaper area.

You now will have a clean little bundle of joy again with the “New Baby” smell fully restored and you did not even have to tip the attendant at the car wash!!!







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