October 26, 2019 1 min read

Baby crying while lying on a bed.I really was inspired by Nanette's recent post.  The studies cannot be more interesting.  Any parent, family member, care taker, or nanny all want the same thing for a new born, a stress free, low incident, no drama filled day to day existence. We have all cringed and commented below our breath about that seemingly inconsolable baby not realizing it could be us causing that additional stress.

Both babies and children sense stress and react unknowingly to it. Some outwardly express their discomfort of a situation by demanding additional attention, while others might retreat inwards and for the most part, “shut down” in hopes of demising the anguish. Others yet will eat when not hungry and not eat when hungry. We all, knowingly or not, deal with it in our own unique way.

Smiling baby wearing a Happi Tummi in the arms of his mother.What to gain from this, you attract more with honey than you do vinegar! Include your little ones in things even if they might not understand. The amount of knowledge a child begins to absorb at birth and early childhood is infinitesimal. Additionally, involving your children in “civilized” conversations will not only act as a subliminal teacher, but also might keep you and your loving spouse or co-parent calmer and more receptive with one another! Try staying mad with a baby or puppy in the room, I dare you!  Just look at this little guy and tell me you are not smiling.