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Colic or No Colic?

As an uncle to age 10 plus, I have experienced plenty that I can say has given me a keen insight as to what parents go through, and cannot escape from, until their ankle biters are way past the age of eighteen. 

This is inclusive of my nephew Remington asking for his Happi Tummi because he had a stomach ache and a short fifteen minutes later laid waste to the restroom and effectively cleared the house……. Nothing that vile should come out of a three-year-old!

This story is different though.  My ex, we are still good friends, asked me to watch her new addition, a six-month-old, so she could start going back to the gym. 

Now mind you, I am a complete OCD nut job. Everything in its place and a place for everything. Friends have been known to make fun of my domicile because it looks like a “model home.” It is great if you have older children … not great for a BABY!!! Where was Happi Tummi on this day?

Lisa dropped Adrien off, gave me instructions, almost to the minute.  She explained when he would get fussy, when I should feed him and so on. No big deal, "I got this" I told myself.  After all I am so OCD, Right? WRONG!!!  

Despite making sure that everything WAS in its place and despite a few little outbursts, I felt pretty good about this adventure. I got him fed, and laid down with him on my chest thinking a little nap would most likely happen. IT DID NOT!

Caricature of a crying baby with causes listed around him in circles.Long story short, he became unhappy.  After nearly two hours of inconsolable crying, and throwing up on me, the new couch, the new carpet and did I mention me, his Mother returned. I gave her a real look, as Lisa laughed uncontrollably.  I am sweating, covered in things and smells that still haunt me.  I tell this mom, "He has colic and needs to go to the pediatrician."  She stops laughing just long enough to tell me, "No, he just doesn’t like to have shoes on.".

The lesson, ask more questions and still have a Happi Tummi lying around no matter what!

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