Mother reading to a two year old while both lay on a bed looking at a book.

So, I am a new parent holding something I love more than life itself! I want the best for my baby, safety, intelligence, good fortune. LIFE changed once I held something so incredible, in my hands. Nothing will ever be the same. How can this little person, so quickly, just completely consume my everything? The answer, they are a blank slate with nothing but love and wonderment in their hearts and spirit.

What comes next? What do I do for this child so as not to make the same mistakes others have made? I am so confused and frankly terrified……. Sound familiar?

Relax, what every child needs, other than food, clean diapers, and shelter, is attention. A baby’s brain develops at an incredible rate and what mattered to babies a thousand years ago is still what matters today; you, the parent, are the baby’s best life coach and teacher. Nothing matters more than attention, not toys, not games, not clothes, not anything.

A toddler, baby and young girl are laying on a bed, reading a book and gaining intelligenceAttention is incredibly effective at raising intelligence of your baby. Read, with your baby, not to your baby, talk to your baby, not at your baby. Walk with you baby, don’t just put them in the stroller and do your own thing. There is NO better stimuli than you as a parent. Speak a second language, expose them to different styles and genres of music, experience new life together as a family no matter what the family dynamic. Babies don’t care about all that, they just love!

Relax, you got this!!!

From: Uncle Jerry's Corner.  

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