5 Quick Tips to Keep Corona Virus Away

Happi Tummi encourages you to stay home. Here are 5 Quick tips to keep Corona Virus away.

Corona Virus 101: This virus is not a living organism. It’s a protein molecule (DNA) covered with a layer of fat to protect it. The virus is fragile and needs a host which is moist like our mucous membranes such as our eyes, nose and mouth. If the virus finds host cells, its goal is to steal the energy from our cells to thrive.

#1 Stay happy!

Your immune system is governed by your brain, which is connected to your gut. Staying calm and happy keeps your cortisol levels from spiking which keeps your immune system working well.

Being angry, negative, nervous, stressed or unhappy raises cortisol levels and is bad for your immune system. Do what it takes for you to stay as happy as possible. Force a smile on your face and take deep breaths. This actually works. 

#2 Be an unwelcoming host!

The fat layer around the virus cell can be broken down and destroyed by cleanliness. 

  • Washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and hot water is very important to dissolve the outer layer of fat around the virus cell to destroy it.
  • Wash hands and surfaces with rubbing alcohol, peroxide or bleach at 1 part bleach to 5 parts water. Do NOT mix these together just choose one at a time. Vinegar does does NOT work.
  • Wash clothes immediately after coming back from being out at the store or other necessary location.

#3 Keep warm!

Keep your home as warm, dry and as light and airy as possible. The virus thrives in cold and moist humidity and dies in warmth and the warmth of sunlight. The virus could live in air vents in your home, office or car. 

#4 Be Optimized!

Your immune system that is. 80% of our immune system is in your gut. Gut health determines our immune response. Eating clean, practicing intermittent fasting, eating mostly vegetables and minimal to zero processed foods and sugar is critical. 

#5 Stay strong!

Be creative with exercise. We need to get our heart rates up at least 10 to 20 minutes everyday to keep our blood pumping thousands of hormones and more throughout our bodies.

Our blood stream is a natural pharmacy for your body. Exercise is great for your morale and attitude. You are worth it. Your family and loved ones need you to stay strong and healthy.

Tell us: How are you protecting yourself from Corona Virus?

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