Happi Family Gift Bundle

Struggling to find a meaningful gift, for a family with a fussy baby?  Is that your family, and are you looking to give yourself a nice gift!  Imagine if you could give the gift of healing and love?

You can. Be the best gift giver ever, a  gift for baby, and mom or dad. They will thank you every time they use the Happi Tummi because it works.

It is beautifully packaged, sent to you to be presented as you want, or send it direct.  We will make sure they receive a appealing package.

If you want to know how Happi Tummi calms the baby, and parent, read on, or rely on the almost 800 Positive Reviews on Amazon. 

Here is what is included.

Happi Tummi Navy for the parent, bundled with your choice of a Blue, Pink or Green Baby Plush Waistband for the baby, and your choice of Aromatherapy spray, calm, energy for a pick me up or Happi Spray.  Happi Tummi helps with all kinds of stomach ailments, including gas, constipation, IBS, menstrual pain, and cramps. It includes our patented herbal soothing pouch specially formulated for adults. Just heat and treat.

Warm it, Wrap it, Watch it work.

The Blue Family Wrap is warmed for 1 minute. then apply the adjustable waistband as it snugs the area of pain, allowing the herbs and warmth to work while you continue your lifestyle at home, the office, or anywhere. Happi Tummi evenly distributes heat and the antispasmodic herbs relaxes your muscles and relieves pain. The herbal aroma immediately helps calm and soothe you. 

The Happi Tummi  Plush Waistbandis a natural external herbal remedy for babies with colic, gas, constipation, and general fussiness. The herbal pouch is warmed for 15 seconds, placed in a soft fabric waistband then snuggled around baby for instant pain relief. The baby is calmed and soothed almost instantly.

The Aromatherapy Spray helps keep you calm on those hair-pulling days, or maybe you just want to give some energy to the family, or a little happiness. The Aromatherapy Sprays are:

  • Multipurpose for baby, mom, dad on body, pillow, and room
  • All-natural and organic
  • Non-toxic
  • Cruelty-free and animal safe
  • Certified Pure Essential Oils
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Herbs are indigenous to the regions they are grown in
  • Made with Certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

To use: Spray on the body or in a room. Shake well.

Buy some Happiness and give some healing love for someone by giving a truly unique gift today.


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