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This is the all-natural product you’ve been looking for that calms your baby quickly. Created in 2004 by a devoted Mom who wanted a natural solution for her colicky baby, Happi Tummi has been recommended by hundreds of parents, doctors, and lactation consultants. Over 1000 reviews on multiple platforms show the love for this product! It’s also been featured on the TODAY show, ABC, CBS and has won national awards for “best product.”

End your baby’s suffering instantly! Be the amazing Mom you want to be. 

Relax – you’ve found the natural remedy that works for months ­­­­without drugs or drops. We are so confident in Happi Tummi – “the original herbal wrap” – that we offer a money back ­­­guarantee. It’s easy to use – simply warm the herbal pouch in your microwave for 15 seconds, place it in the pocket of the soft belly wrap, then wrap your baby in the swaddling warmth and comfort. Watch the transformation of your child into a happy, calm baby. Finally, you both can get the rest you need!

The combination of plush waistband, herbal warming pouch and binding sensation instantly calms your fussy baby suffering from gas, colic, constipation or acid reflux. The patented herbal pouch works its magic through a mix of seven ingredients including lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint — all sourced from the country of origin. Just Heat and Treat.

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