Natural Remedies for Colic and Gas


We want what is best for our baby when afflicted with colic, or excessive gas. Let’s examine together several natural remedies to colic that do not require ingestion of foreign or potentially harmful substances.


Happi Tummi understands colic

Understanding Colic Helps Understand Remedies

Understanding colic will help understand how these remedies work. No one really knows the cause of colic. There is widespread speculation that it is caused by an underdeveloped digestive system or an excess of gas, nutritional intake by the mother, or an allergy to certain formula.

The definitive cause has been elusive. Most doctors simply tell you that you must endure a couple of months, and it will go away. And most of the time it does, but those months are monstrous.

Here are a couple of simple and natural remedies to your baby’s colic or gassy stomach.

One sure fire way to attack the problem is trying several already proven physical techniques to soothe a colicky baby. If these work, great. If not, let’s continue forward. Consider trying some external rubs and remedies. They offer a solution without requiring your baby to ingest some potentially harmful byproducts, like pesticides, animal waste from fertilizer or non organic substitutes. 


Use Organic Mixtures

Use Organic Mixtures

A mixture of salt and olive oil, made into a paste and placed on the belly of your baby, can sometimes help. It seems to relieve the gas accumulation, and we recommend combining it with swaddling where appropriate to keep your baby warm and secure. 

Sometimes feeding your baby in a different position helps. Consider feeding your baby while he or she is sitting up. Their tummy may not be fully developed. Some mothers have reported good results with this remedy. 


Wrap your baby in Happi Tummi

Use External wraps or heat and warmth

Happi Tummi combines the elements of binding and heat and adds a pouch of pure herbs that are certified organic. Simply heats the pouch put it in the soft belt and fasten around the baby.

The special proprietary mixture of herbs helps to instantly and naturally remedy the baby with colic. Also consider the Juju band; it just does not have any herbs. It sounds too good to be true but a warm bath while your baby is sitting up can help. Heat can be a magical property that causes gas to move, dissolve or dissipate. 


Massage your baby

Massaging Your baby

Massaging the baby’s tummy can also help. Gently rub the belly which is thought to move the gas buildup and improve digestion. When we get an upset tummy we will tend to rub it for the same reason suggests Infant massage magazine. Don't forget that the more skin or touch your baby has, the safer and closer you feel and your baby can feel that also. The best remedy is always human touch. 

Babies love soft or interesting noises

Consider using noise to help calm your child. It can be a vacuum, a washing machine or music. There are even musical themes designed especially for a baby in distress on the internet. Each baby can be different, some love rock, some a hip hop beat or other rhythmic sounds, others respond to soft Zen like music. Try several kinds to see if your child responds.

Don't Give Up In Your Search

Try one or all of these remedies to help you naturally remedy your colic baby. By all means please include more of your natural remedy ideas in our comments section to enhance the experience of any mother or father desperately seeking a natural remedy for their colic baby.

We wanted to give you a cautious word about Ingestible remedies. The scope of this article was to focus on natural remedies that do not require the ingestion of teas, gripe waters, ingestion of herbal mixtures of mint, orange blossom and other useful herbs. In many instances there is a place for such remedies, but please make sure any substance that is ingested by your baby is pure, pharmaceutical grade if possible and has no pesticides or other potential toxins.

Good luck with your implementation of natural remedies for colic.