Tips for Encouraging Less Screen Time

Tips for Encouraging Less Screen Time

Just like with everything else in life, screen time is all about balance. Too much screen time is not ideal, but there are benefits to exposing your children to technology. And not to mention, there are times handing your kiddo an iPad bring you some much needed peace and quiet. 

"I don't believe the answer is to limit our children to a half hour of TV a week, but rather to let them explore all of their interests and enjoy all parts of life." - George Couros

If you're concerned about your child spending too much time watching TV, or playing video games for too long, we have some practical tips for you.  

1. Lead by example

If your child sees you glued to the TV, they will be too. Instead of using the TV for background noise, play some music. Rather than sitting down to watch your favorite series, pick up a book. Chances are, you'll appreciate the technology break too.

2. Keep it educational

You don't have to run and cancel your Netflix subscription. Technology isn't all bad. Instead, look for educational shows, apps and games that will encourage learning. You can even checkout these apps and games with your child as a way to bond with them and ask questions. You'll also ensure what they are watching is healthy. Check out this list of 17 Best Apps by Good Housekeeping...

3. Help your child play independently

If your like most moms, screen time gives you the gift of time to get something else done. But you don't have to rely on screen time only. If you teach your child how to play independently, you'll have the same time for yourself. Start by giving your child a lot of play time together, set up a play area with some open-ended toys and slowly ease into letting your little one play solo. Here are some ideas on How to Encourage Independent Play with Toddlers...

4. Create a routine

Instead of letting screen time dictate your day, plan other activities that keep you and your child busy. Try to set a loose and easy schedule. For example, screen time after breakfast and morning chores. Then plan for play time after screen time to get moving! Here are 7 Easy Screen Time Routines to Try Right Now...

Tell us, how do you encourage less screen time? What tips will you try with your child?

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