Tips for Bathing Your Baby

Tips for Bathing Your Baby

Giving your baby a bath doesn't have to feel like a chore. You might feel nervous when it comes to bathing your newborn or just not want to deal with the mess that comes from bathing an older baby. But don't worry, bath time can be relaxing if you follow our helpful tips for bathing your baby.

Tip #1: Have everything ready.

Before you put your baby in water, make sure you have all the baby bath products you will need ready. This includes a baby bath sponge or soft washcloth. You'll also want to make sure you're prepared for after the bath. Have a towel, clean diaper and clean clothes ready.

This might seem obvious, but it's easy to overlook having the bath time essentials.

Tip #2: Use baths to relax your baby (or make your baby sleepy)

Just like baths are relaxing for adults, baths are relaxing for babies too. Create a bedtime routine that includes a bath right before. The bath will not only make your baby smell good, it will help your baby relax and go to sleep easier. Try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil in the water for even more relaxation.

Tip #3: Bathe your baby when necessary.

Newborns and older babies don't get very dirty, unless they've had a messy accident. This means you don't have to bathe your baby daily. Giving your baby a bath a few times a week is all you need. Bathing your baby every so often keeps your baby's skin extra soft since it won't get dried out from soap.

Tip #4: Check the water temperature.

It's very important to make sure your baby's bath water temperature is just right - not too hot and not too cold. Check the water temperature with your wrist or elbow, or use thermometer. If you're worried about your baby getting cold, you can keep a washcloth over your baby or constantly run warm water. 

Tip #5: Wash your baby in order.

You can keep your baby warm in the bath tub if you wash their hair last. By washing your baby's hair last, their head won't get cold as you clean the rest of their body. If you have a baby girl, make sure you wash from front to back to avoid infection. When it's time to remove your baby from the bath, gently pat your baby dry. Rubbing the skin can cause irritation.

Tip #6: Get used to lots of splashing.

Older babies will love splashing water everywhere and there's not much you can do about it. They say that the fun a child is having is equal to the amount of water splashed all over the floor. Have fun, get used to being wet and embrace the mess.

Tip #7: Wrap your baby in Happi Tummi.

After bath time, keep your baby warm with a Happi Tummi herbal belly waistband. The warmth from Happi Tummi, combined with herbs like lavender and chamomile, will soothe and relax your baby.

The single most important part of bath time? NEVER LEAVE YOUR BABY ALONE IN THE BATH. Not even for one second. Silence your phone. Turn off the TV. Ask your partner to help. Minimize distractions so that you can focus on bathing your baby safely.

Tell us: What is your best tip for bathing your baby? Do you have a funny bath time story to share?

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