Sensory Activities for Toddlers

Sensory Activities for Toddlers

As your toddler explores his or her world it can actually be stressful at times. Even as an adult when we a encounter a new situation, we can get stomach upset or stress stomach. Think about starting a new job, a first date, an exam, public speaking, confrontations, a meeting with the boss. Same emotional stress, just supersized to adult size!

Parents need to be aware of stresses even in their toddlers as they adventure out into their world. Things like behavior changes, bathroom or diaper changes, acting scared, waking up at night, clinging or outright rebelling. Some children quickly adapt to new tastes, environments and sounds and some just don't. 

When my son was 18 months old, I took him to a small daycare for toddlers so I could work a few hours a week. He cried as soon as I left him. The caretaker assured me he would stop as soon as I left. Of course, my time away was daunting because all the time I was thinking about how I left my son and that he may have felt abandoned. When I came back 2 hours later, the caretaker said he never stopped crying. I was mortified that I did that to him. Needless to say, that was the end of that. When he was 2-1/2, he was ready but definitely not at 18 months.

Other examples could be taking a toddler to the beach for the first time. The beach could be exciting or overwhelming as waves crash and the thundering sound startles your little one. Maybe it's time to go back to work or you need personal time and you take your toddler to a babysitter or daycare as I described in my story. We might think that this would be fun but for some toddlers to see other toddlers in a new environment with lots of sounds and perhaps some crying, but this can be very stressful for your toddler.

Nannette Meneses, founder of Happi Tummi understands stressful pain in the stomach from babies with colic to grownups with cramps, IBS and all types of stressful effects on our bodies.

Nanette invented Happi Tummi for her newborn daughter with severe colic and found that Happi Tummi works for the entire family of all ages! Happi Tummi is an all-natural external herbal plush waistband that is warmed then snuggled around the area of pain. The relief comes instantly as Happi Tummi calms and soothes and relieves pain. Happi Tummi is wonderful for toddlers and everyone for general stress too. The all-natural antispasmodic herbs are so calming that the warmth and snuggled wrap feels like a warm, loving hug.

As you encourage your toddler to explore new activities be mindful of their unique personalities and have a Happi Tummi on hand to calm any stresses for them or you.

Written By: Diane Bokor Sargisian – Health & Nutrition Coach – Happi Tummi

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