Product Spotlight: Blue Happi Tummi Wrap

Product Spotlight: Blue Happi Tummi Wrap

What if we told you that there was an all-natural remedy for your stomach aches and muscle pains? The good news, we have that remedy: The Happi Tummi Wrap!

Happi Tummi relieves pain from indigestion, bloating, menstrual cramps, heartburn, neck/back pain and more... 

Happi Tummi Blue Wrap

Happi Tummi is like having a warm, loving hug. It soothes and comforts you almost instantly when you are in pain or in discomfort. 

How does it work? Warm it, Wrap it, Watch it work! Evenly distributed heat and antispasmodic herbs relax muscles and relieve pain. Herbal aroma immediately helps calm and soothe. Adjustable waistband snugs the area of pain, allowing the herbs and warmth to work while you continue your lifestyle at home, the office or anywhere.

Happi Tummi herbal pouch and waistband

Our Blue Happi Tummi Wrap consists of an herbal pouch that you heat in your microwave and a plush waistband for you to insert the pouch into. Once you've warmed the pouch and inserted it into the waistband, just wrap it around your area of pain.

The Happi Tummi wrap is versatile! If you're experiencing neck pain, you can wrap it around your neck. For back pain, wrap it around your back with the herbal pouch located on the painful area. If you're experiencing an upset stomach, wrap so the pouch is facing your stomach. If you have pain from acid reflux, wrap it slightly above your stomach area.

Happi Tummi waistband

Happi Tummi works fast! Depending on your microwave, the herbal pouch is warmed is less than 1 minute. After warming the pouch, just wrap it around your area of pain and you'll be surprised at how fast it starts working.

Unlike other microwaveable wraps, the Happi Tummi herbal pouch contains a combination of all natural, aromatic and antispasmodic herbs sourced from their country of origin. When warmed, the herbal wrap quickly, and gently soothes and comforts women, men and teens. Just heat to treat!

Happi Tummi Waistband

The herbal pouch smells good too! You don't have to worry about unpleasant smells when using the pouch and waistband. The herbs are aromatic and even the smell of them brings you comfort and relief. It smells fantastic!

The Happi Tummi Wrap is external. No need to swallow drugs or drops. Who wants to take another pill or ingest some liquid or chalky substance when you do not feel well? Treat yourself naturally, safely and gently. And avoid the laundry list of side effects that comes from a pill.

Now available in 3 sizes:

Small: Up to 32" waist

Medium: 32" ~ 40" waist

Large/XL: 42" ~ 65" waist

The wrap is also adjustable, providing a comfortable fit for teens and adults!

Happi Tummi Herbal Pouch and Waistband

What are you waiting for? Order your Happi Tummi Wrap now and see why it's doctor recommended!

Happi Tummi is made with our love, nurturing the young and old. Everyone needs a little warmth, hugs, and love.

Try our Happi Tummi waistband and get the comfort your stomach needs.

Happi Tummi is committed to the health of the whole family, providing comfort for the stomach, when you need it most. Check out our products at


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