3 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Happi Tummi

3 Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Season with Happi Tummi

"The holiday season is the perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us."

Holidays are the perfect reason to treat those that matter most to us. While the holidays make look different in 2020, you can still give the gift of calm and comfort with Happi Tummi.

Celebrating the holidays with Happi Tummi:

1. Check off the teens and adults on your list by gifting a Happi Tummi waistband

Happi Tummi makes a thoughtful gift and everyone on your list will love our external, all natural waistband. Our waistband soothes the most upset of tummies.

All you do is place the herbal pouch in the microwave, put it in the waistband and wrap the waistband around your area of discomfort. The heat plus the herbs will relieve pain from IBS, constipation, cramps, bloating and even colic in fussy babies.

More than just soothe upset stomachs, Happi Tummi also relieves aches and pains from sore muscles. That means the sports enthusiast or active teen in your life will get lots of use from a Happi Tummi waistband. The waistband is reusable so that means your gift recipient can use Happi Tummi on their stomach one day and back or neck the next, dual purpose!

2. Instantly treat and soothe fussy babies with a Happi Tummi waistband for babies and toddlers

Don't wait for Christmas to comfort the fussy baby in your life, give them the gift of Happi Tummi now! Our Happi Tummi waistband for babies comes in our soft pink, green or blue waistband or our animal collection is perfect for toddlers.

Babies love the Happi Tummi waistband because it instantly soothes colic, gas, constipation and other discomforts. Parents love the Happi Tummi waistband because they don't have to give their babies external medicines with a list of potential side effects. Happi Tummi is all natural and comforting, no struggling to give baby drops or drugs.

3. Use our line of Happi Tummi Aromatherapy Sprays to Boost your Mood

Because the holidays can be stressful, boost your mood quickly with one of our aromatherapy sprays. We offer 3 different sprays: happy, calm, and energy. Each spray is all-natural and organic, non-toxic, and made with certified pure essential oils.

Baby crying in the car? Spray our calm spray in the car seat or use as a baby body spray for instant calm. Mom feeling exhausted from all the shopping and cooking that comes with the holidays? Use our energy spray to feel reenergized. Dad feeling grumpy? No problem. Use our happy spray!

Looking for more ways to celebrate with Happi Tummi this holiday season? Check out our Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas.


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Try our Happi Tummi waistband and get the comfort your stomach needs.

Happi Tummi is committed to the health of the whole family, providing comfort for the stomach, when you need it most. Check out our products at


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