Summer Healthy Eating Tips

Summer Healthy Eating Tips

Welcome to summer vacation! It's time for picnics, backyard cookouts and a schedule full of summer fun. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy those seasonal fruits and veggies that we don't get during winter. Warmer weather means it's time to eat healthy, light and hydrating foods.

Here are our tips for eating and staying healthy this summer:

1. Break out the barbecue

Think beyond your traditional burgers and hot dogs. A barbecue brings a ton of variety to your summer menu, without all the heat the comes from cooking inside. Invest in some good barbecue accessories like skewers and tongs that make cooking your food even easier. 

Looking for tips to become the Grill Master of your household, check out Eating Well's 13 Best Grilling Tips for Summer...

And a grill is the perfect way to add some yummy protein to your salad, or try a new way to cook some fresh fish, you can still barbecue and stay healthy. You'll love these 32 Totally Healthy Grilling Recipes by Delish...

Happi Tummi Healthy Eating Tips

2. Focus on fresh fruits and veggies

With plenty of farmer's markets and u-pick fruit and veggie farms open, summer was made for fresh fruits and veggies. Not only is going berry picking a fun family activity, you can stock up on fruit for salads, salsas and more. It's also a great way to support local businesses.

You can find a U-Pick farm near you online at For some great fruit recipes, check out's 30 Summer Fruit Recipes We Love. And Bon Apetite has some great veggie recipes...

Happi Tummi Healthy Eating

3. Pack a picnic with healthy snacks

There's nothing more fun than a summer picnic, just be sure to pack healthy snacks. If you don't have time to go to park or it's just too crowded, set up a backyard picnic instead. Everything tastes better when you dine al fresco!

Remember, your picnic doesn't have to be over-complicated, you can keep it simple! Here are some tips to Plan to Perfect Picnic from Taste of Home.

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Happi Tummi Healthy Summer

4. Go for a post meal walk

After your delicious summer meal, get moving! A walk around the neighborhood will not only help you burn off extra calories, it helps with digestion too! You'll also sleep better. Much better than just laying on the couch, don't you think? shares Why Walking After Eating Might Be the Best Time to Get Those 10,000 Steps...

Happi Tummi Healthy Summer

5. Comfort your tummy

And if you've totally overindulged this summer, that's okay too. It's okay to enjoy the occasional fatty foods or sweet treats. But if you're sensitive, feeling bloated or have a stomach ache, keep a Happi Tummi herbal waistband on hand. Just heat it. Wrap it. And watch it work.

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Happi Tummi Healthy Summer

Tell us: What are you favorite ways to stay healthy this summer?

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