Fall Activities That Keep Kids Busy While You Work from Home

Fall Activities That Keep Kids Busy While You Work from Home

There's no doubt that juggling working from home while having kids in the house is a lot of work. Maybe even enough to have you dreaming of going back into the office. Don't fret, our list of activities will keep your busiest of kiddos entertained so you can focus on the task at hand (or do something for yourself). And, the best part? Our list of fall activities will also keep your kids off their tablets so you won't feel guilty for all that screen time.

For babies & toddlers:

When it comes to keeping babies entertained, less is more. How many times have you bought them what you thought was the latest, best toy, only to have them be more entertained by the box it came in? 

Keep a box of pots and pans or kitchen spatulas for them to play with. If banging kitchen tools around isn't your ideas of a peaceful work environment, give them measuring cups to play with.

Another fun idea is to create a busy board. They'll be so focused on all the gadgets, they'll stay busy long enough for you to dive into that project you've been needing to start.

Here are some other fun activities that will keep your babies and toddlers busy:

Craft with Crayons

Toy Washing Station

Play with Pumpkins

Teddy Bear Picnic

Fall Sensory Tubs

For Preschoolers and School Aged Children:

For preschoolers and elementary aged kids, focus on activities that are both fun and educational. One idea is to create busy bags. Just like those mystery toy boxes they are always asking you for, kids love the element of surprise that comes with not knowing what's inside. A busy bag can be filled with mystery items that will keep them busy for hours (without breaking the bank).

Here are some other fun activities that will keep your school aged children entertained:


Printable Coloring Pages & Activities

Educational Workbooks


Scarecrow Scavenger Hunt

For Your Whole Family:

If you've been working so much that you'd like to do something together as a family, check out these ideas:

Have a Game Night

Fall Craft Kits for Kids and Adults

Decorate for Halloween

Make a Movie Night

Play Halloween Games

Check out this awesome list of Screen free Activities from Mommy Poppins that you can do together as a family.

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Tell us: What are your favorite fall activities or traditions?

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