A Warm Hug from Happi Tummi

A Warm Hug from Happi Tummi

“Hugs can do great amounts of good – especially for children.” – Princess Diana

We're celebrating #NationalHugDay here at Happi Tummi! There's something so special and magical about a hug. Everyone feels better after a warm hug 🤗

The effects of hugging are even scientifically proven. According to Medical News Today, "The heart rate of an infant as young as 4 months old relaxes when a parent or primary caregiver gives them a hug."

Hugging helps you and your baby relax, while also increasing your baby's trust and reducing your baby's fears. Hugging is mutually beneficial -- both you and your baby will enjoy the benefits from a warm hug. Hugging is a great bonding technique.

In toddlers, a warm hug is one way to stop a child's tantrum. While some parents worry that a hug can actually reinforce the unwanted behavior, it's not the case. Just like in babies, a warm hug helps relax your toddler, helps them regulate their emotions, and reduces anxiety. It's a loving way to diffuse a tense situation.

Giving someone a warm hug can also help relieve pain. According to PIH Health, "When you hug someone, it relaxes muscles, increases circulation and releases endorphins in your body. This can reduce tension and may even help soothe aches and pains."

One of our favorite reasons to hug? It makes you feel happier! Hugging increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, making a warm hug an instant mood booster.

Now as much as we would all love to give and receive hugs all the time, it's not always possible. Which is why the Happi Tummi herbal pouch and waistband is another way to get the benefits of a warm hug.

Happi Tummi works just like a warm hug. The herbal pouch combined with the soft waistband offers instant relief from discomfort associated with colic, gas, constipation, IBS, cramps, muscle pain, and more. The wrap can be adjusted so that it sits right where you are having the pain, discomfort or nausea. It is so much more than a heating pad.

The antispasmodic herbs, when warmed, gently soothe and relax the painful area, while the aroma of the herbs helps calm and soothe you too. It melts away stress and irritability.

The best part? There's a Happi Tummi wrap that fits everyone in your family, from newborn to toddler, teen to adult.

You will feel better knowing relief is just a few minutes away. Warm it, wrap it and watch it work!

Try our Happi Tummi waistband and get the comfort your stomach needs.

Happi Tummi is committed to the health of the whole family, providing comfort for the stomach, when you need it most. Check out our products at


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