A Letter from Elphi

A Letter from Elphi

Hi, I'm Elphi!

I'm a lovable elephant that helps soothe your fussy baby, day or night. When your baby is crying from tummy pains associated with gas, constipation or even trouble burping, I make your baby feel better instantly.

Happi Tummi Elphi

Crying and fussiness is normal for infants, but when a baby cries repeatedly when there’s not an obvious reason it might indicate your baby might be suffering from colic. It can be one of the most stressful and exhausting things a newborn’s parent can go through. Consider giving me, Elphi, a try instead of using external medicines or drops.

You might be wondering how I work or how I'm different from other wraps you see at the grocery store or pharmacy. When you order an Elphi like me, you receive a soft waistband and an herbal pouch. To use, you'll microwave only the herbal pouch for 15 seconds or less. Next you'll insert the herbal pouch into the waistband and wrap around your baby.

Happi Tummi Elphi

So what makes Happi Tummi Elphi different? It's a combination of belly pressure, warmth and our specially formulated herbal blend. When you wrap me snugly around your baby’s belly, I provide the exact amount of gentle pressure your baby will find comforting. Gentle swaddling pressure strategically placed around the belly can provide colic relief.

When you combine that gentle pressure with the warmth of the herbal pouch, it instantly relieves your baby's discomfort. When warmed, our precise formula of herbs soothes baby with the aroma, AND spasmodic herbs provide the added benefit of helping calm. I know how stressful colic can be.

And since colic episodes often occur at the same time each day, be proactive and wrap your baby in the snuggling warmth of Happi Tummi at the times of day when your baby typically starts showing symptoms, even before symptoms begin.

I hope you'll give me a try soon, I promise your baby will thank you. Or if you've already tried me, you can refresh your waistband by buying a refill for your current Happi Tummi. Don't forget, I make a great baby shower gift!

With Love,


Happi Tummi Elphi

Try our Happi Tummi waistband and get the comfort your stomach needs.

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