6 Tips for Decorating Baby's Room That You Need To Know Now

6 Tips for Decorating Baby's Room That You Need To Know Now

Although we hate to admit it, most moms will tell you they bought way too much stuff for their baby. And a crowded nursery was just the start. What starts out as a cute baby room filled with a few cute stuffed animals quickly turns into a play room filled to the brim with toys and baby gadgets that were never used.

In order to control the chaos and keep baby's room beautiful and peaceful, follow our 6 tips for baby's room that you need to know NOW. Hint: even seasoned moms will appreciate this list! 

1. Keep it neutral

Although it's tempting to run out and buy gallons of pink or blue paint, stick to a neutral color like a soft cream or white. You can add pops of color with curtains, rugs, sheets, pillows and more. Plus, it's a lot easier to swap out nursery room decor than it is to repaint baby's entire room. 

You'll also want to redecorate as trends are changing and as baby gets older, having a neutral baby's room will make changing the theme that much easier!

2. Go ahead, snag all the hand-me-downs you can

We get it, every mom wants the best for their baby and decorating a nursery is the perfect excuse (err 'reason') to go buy new things for baby. But save yourself the high cost and accept your hand-me-downs, especially for the big things like swings, cribs and rocking chairs. Facebook Marketplace or 'buy nothing' groups are a great way to score some amazing deals on decor, furniture and toys for your baby's room.

3. Avoid the clutter

Less really is more when it comes to your baby's room. You'll be surprised to see how fast your baby grows out of things. Decorate your baby's nursery with practical items and then after baby is born, you can invest in baby gear that you'll be more likely to use. 

Consider a convertible crib that grows with your baby or a super comfortable glider -- you'll spend a lot of time rocking and feeding baby so a good chair is a must! But when it comes to non-essentials like a changing table or a wipe warmer, hold off for now -- the last thing you want is excessive clutter in your baby's room. Not sure what to buy? Ask your mom friends what their baby room 'must haves' were!

4. Pick a theme

Like we mentioned earlier, it's easy to get carried away and buy all the cute nursery decor you see. One minute you're buying bohemian floral baby stuff and the next minute, your baby registry is full of stuff for a cute baby animal themed nursery. And with pregnancy brain, you've probably forgotten about the baby stuff you have stashed in another room. 

Keep it easy on yourself and try to stick to one theme. You can always change it as baby grows and your nursery decor taste changes.

5. Make sure baby's room is functional

Trust us on this one, you'll want to make sure all the important things are within arms reach. If you are using a changing table, make sure all the diaper-related items are close by. Keep extra sheets and a few onesies close to the crib for those middle of the night diaper explosions.

Stock your nursery with all the feeding necessities you'll need like a bottle warmer, breast milk storage bags, and more. Basically anything to avoid stumbling your way around baby's room when it's the middle of the night and you're busy trying to calm a crying baby.

6. Make sure you have a Happi Tummi ready

Speaking of crying babies, keep your Happi Tummi baby belly wrap close-by. Just heat it in the microwave for 15 seconds, wrap it around your baby and watch your baby go from fussy to peaceful. Just warm it, wrap it and watch it work!

Don't forget to keep a Happi Tummi for Grownups on hand for yourself. It's perfect for when your back is aching from holding baby all day long or when you've been in an uncomfortable feeding position. Our herbal belly wrap is great for mamas and babies looking for help sleeping and to relieve digestive issues.

Have fun decorating your baby's room! And also realize that there's a high chance that your baby will end up sleeping in a bassinet in your room for the first few months any way. Your nursery might end up collecting dust if you're like us and still have a 3 year old in our bed! 

Tell us: What are your nursery decorating tips and must haves?

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Thomas Clarence
Thomas Clarence

March 24, 2021

I like how you mentioned that it is a good idea to keep a baby room neutral. My brother and her wife are expecting their first child in about two months. They are looking for help with planning for the arrival of their baby so I will have to share these tips with them.


August 23, 2020



August 23, 2020


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