5 Ways to Use Happi Tummi This Fall

5 Ways to Use Happi Tummi This Fall

This fall keep your family comforted and free of pain with our patented herbal waistband. Our calming & soothing wrap is all natural and external - no drugs or drops!

Happi Tummi is like having a warm, loving hug. It soothes and relaxes you almost instantly when you are in pain or in discomfort. It is made with all natural, aromatic and antispasmodic herbs sourced from their country of origin. When warmed, the herbal wrap quickly, and gently soothes and comforts babies, toddlers, teens, women, and men.

Relieves abdominal pain, indigestion, menstrual symptoms, heartburn, neck/back pain and more...

Here's how you can use Happi Tummi this fall:

1. Give your baby extra warmth this fall.

Happi Tummi for colic, gas and constipation relief

As temperatures start to drop, babies start to get fussy. Help keep baby warm this fall and winter with a Happi Tummi waistband. 

Just warm the herbal pouch in your microwave for 15 seconds, place it in the pocket of the soft belly wrap, then wrap your baby in the swaddling warmth and comfort. 

The Happi Tummi waistband is made of soft, gentle fabric to cuddle and gently caress or you baby’s skin. Whether you select the adorable animals or the colorful waistband, they contain a pocket and Velcro, to hold the patented herbal pouch, and tighten around your baby.

More than just extra warmth, Happi Tummi helps babies suffering from colic, acid reflux, upset tummies and more. 

It is important to snug the waistband around your baby. Gentle restriction is an important component of effectiveness. Many old-fashioned remedies tell of massaging or pressing the tummy to help reduce colic symptoms, and Happi Tummi does just that.

2. Comfort your growing toddler.

Happi Tummi for toddler gas and constipation

Your growing toddler is getting more active, more curious and even trying different foods. As your toddler is eating new things or trying a different kind of milk or formula, he or she may experience uncomfortable gas or constipation.

Soothe your toddler's stomach pains naturally with a Happi Tummi herbal waistband. The combination of binding, the plush waistband & herbal warming pouch instantly calms your crying baby. Just Heat and Treat. Order now to get the relief you deserve. 

3. Soothe your teen's sports-related aches and pains.

Happi Tummi for sports related aches and pains

Teens also benefit from Happi Tummi! Whether suffering from sports-related injuries or sore muscles from growing pains, the Happi Tummi waistband gives instant relief. And since it's all natural, there's no worrying about harmful side effects.

Evenly distributed heat and antispasmodic herbs relax muscles and relieve pain.
Herbal aroma immediately helps calm and soothe. Adjustable waistband snugs the area of pain, allowing the herbs and warmth to work while you get back to doing what you love - without restriction.

4. Comfort your sore back time spent cooking in the kitchen.

Happi Tummi for adult aches and pains

Holidays mean more time spent cooking in the kitchen. And while there's nothing better than all those homecooked meals, standing in the kitchen for hours takes a toll on your neck and back.

Soothe your aches and pains instantly with Happi Tummi. Unlike using a heating pad that keeps you stuck to the cord, Happi Tummi gives you freedom to continue on with your day. Just pop it in the microwave and wrap it around your neck or back for instant relief.

Or if you've overindulged from too many delicious meals, wrap Happi Tummi around your stomach for instant pain relief from IBS, gas, constipation and more!

5. Alleviate sore muscles spent making home improvements.

Happi Tummi for sore muscles

Don't let sore muscles slow you down for checking off your honey do list. Wrap a Happi Tummi around your area of pain and continue on with your day. Happi Tummi is so easy to use, just heat to treat.

When warmed, the herbal wrap quickly, and gently soothes and comforts your aches and pains. Happi Tummi relieves not only your neck/back pain, but abdominal pain, indigestion, menstrual symptoms, heartburn, and more...

Don't let stomach aches prevent you from doing your favorite things this fall season. Get the comfort you need from Happi Tummi.

Happi Tummi is committed to the health of the whole family, providing comfort for the stomach, when you need it most. Check out our products at

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