Soothe Your Stomach This Thanksgiving with Happi Tummi

Soothe Your Stomach This Thanksgiving with Happi Tummi

"Thanksgiving, man. Not a good day to be my pants." - Kevin James

From turkey thighs to apple pies, Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families to come together. But when you enjoy all that delicious food and drink, you're bound to feel a little uncomfortable and dare we say "bloated"? Cramped?

The good news? We've got a solution that is better than just suffering through the pain and uncomfortableness of an upset stomach -- and that's our Happi Tummi herbal pouch and waistband

When you combine heat plus aromatic herbs and the snug fit of the soft waistband, you get instant relief from stomach pains and even muscle aches.

Happi Tummi for Adults helps with gas, constipation, IBS, menstrual pain and cramps. It includes our patented herbal soothing pouch specially formulated for adults. Just heat and treat. Feel better this Thanksgiving with Happi Tummi.

Helps with Nausea & Constipation

Happi Tummi to soothe your stomach this Thanksgiving

Did something you eat not agree with you? Are you suffering from nausea? Are you feeling that onset of uncomfortable constipation again? It's no fun suffering from the symptoms of constipation, or nausea. Avoid feeling sick and nauseous after this year's Thanksgiving dinner. So how can you do that?

Use Happi Tummi to relieve symptoms related to the nausea and constipation. The pouch, and waistband use Happi Tummi's patented formula of herbs, to deliver effective relief right to the spot bothering you most and almost immediately.

The wrap is an important component of your success. As with the baby product, cinching the tummy is very important to not only deliver the antispasmodic herbal pouch to the location of pain, nausea, or constipation, but snugging makes your body feel more comfortable. 

Soothes IBS, Crohn's and More

Relief from IBS, Chron's and more with Happi Tummi

Thanksgiving dinner can be especially hard on those who suffer from IBS, Abdominal pain, Crohn's Disease and Celiac Disease. Nothing could be more inconvenient than urgently needing a bathroom, and sometimes embarrassing.

Instead of taking a pill or potion with a long list of potential side effects, use a natural, external remedy that works quickly like Happi Tummi.

While Happi Tummi is not a solution for the disease, it is a natural solution for the pain and stress related to your discomfort. Think of it was a band-aid for the stomach. It gives you relief from pain and nausea and some predictability to your bowel movements without drops or drugs.

Happi Tummi is a completely natural external herbal pouch in a plush wrap that is warmed and snuggled around the area of pain. The combination of herbs, restriction and heat instantly relieves pain and stress.

Relief from Cramps & Sore Muscles

Relief from cramps and sore muscles with Happi Tummi

If you've spent too much time getting everything ready for Thanksgiving, it's normal to feel some aches pains. Sometimes just the stress of bringing everyone together can give you "stress stomach".  Not to mention, when you've been cooking all day, it's normal to experience a back or neck ache.

Place Happi Tummi around your neck or back to experience instant relief. The aroma therapeutic herbs will also give you a sense of calm, helping you relax before company comes over. 

Don't wait until it's too late, order your Happi Tummi for teens and adults here. Keep Happi Tummi on hand to help soothe your stomach this Thanksgiving.

How will you use your Happi Tummi herbal pouch and waistband this holiday season?

Get the comfort you need from Happi Tummi.

Happi Tummi is committed to the health of the whole family, providing comfort for the stomach, when you need it most. Check out our products at

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