3 Ways to Relax with Happi Tummi

3 Ways to Relax with Happi Tummi

"Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax." - Unknown

Although it sounds counterintuitive, taking time to relax can set you up to achieve even more. As moms, we get so busy making sure everyone else is taken care of that we often neglect our own needs.

If you're like many moms who live by their calendar, take a look at how you're planning your days. We're guessing there's one very important item you've left off your list: time for yourself.

We get so caught up in making sure all of our obligations are accounted for that we don't take the time needed to really unwind. When you're running 60 miles per hour, it's easier to make mistakes, feel less productive (although you're putting in the hours) and you even lose sight of your bigger goals.

Here are some tips for taking time to relax:

1. Schedule it.

As mentioned above, you need to be intentional about your personal time. Whether taking time in the morning to do some meditation and stretching, or taking time at the end of the night to unwind with a good book or a Happi Tummi wrap, it's important to prioritize this time in the same way you'd prioritize a meeting.

2. Change your scenery.

A change in scenery can actually boost your emotional wellness, making it easier to relax. While natural places are known to help relax you, you can also take yourself back to a favorite place like a coffee shop or a relaxing part of your home works too.

In these days of quarantine, try to create a cozy place in your home where you can go to relax and unwind. Just don't forget to bring your Happi Tummi waistband.

3. Wear a Happi Tummi waistband.

Our calming & soothing herbal pouch and waistband was made to help you relax, while relieving abdominal pain, indigestion, cramps, heartburn and more.

Happi Tummi is like having a warm, loving hug. It soothes and comforts you almost instantly when you are stressed or in pain. It is made with all natural, aromatic and antispasmodic herbs that help you relax and unwind.

All you need to use Happi Tummi is a microwave. Just heat it to treat it!

If you're feeling stressed, wear the Happi Tummi wrap at any time of the day. Wrap it around your stomach while you're on a conference call. Wear it while you're doing light stretching. Wrap it around your neck to ease muscle tension. Or even wear it while you're making dinner. It's handsfree so you're not tied down while you wear it!

What are you waiting for? Order your Happi Tummi Wrap now and see why it's doctor recommended!

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Try our Happi Tummi waistband and get the comfort your stomach needs.

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