Happi Tummi for gas and constipation relief


Gas and constipation are relatable to all of us. We’ve all felt the discomfort of gas and how miserable constipation can be. Imagine being a little baby and not understanding why your belly feels so bad?

Your baby’s crying may be because of excessive gas or constipation. Try Happi Tummi before you try drops or drugs!

Here’s what gas and constipation might look like in infants and toddlers:

  • Irregular bowel movements.
  • Solid, hard-feeling tummy.
  • An increase in crying can also mean your baby is taking in more air, sometimes increasing gas.

      You don’t want to give your baby something internal. Drops and liquids don’t help. 

      Because gas and constipation are situational and can happen at any time, be prepared with a Happi Tummi to help:

      Gentle Belly Pressure

      Think about what you do when your own stomach hurts – you instinctively grab your stomach or scrunch over and press on it which does not necessarily work. The soothing pressure that Happi Tummi provides is the exact amount that your baby needs.


      Warmth can help ease the pain of gas and can also help with a tightened tummy. The warmth can also be a factor in helping your baby’s body expel excess gas, or encourage the body to have a bowel movement.

      Soothing Herbs 

      Helps keep your baby calm and helps stop the crying which can cause your baby to take in too much air and causing even more gas, and the crying cycle increases.

      Give Happi Tummi a try, your baby will thank you. 


      Here’s what verified buyers of Happi Tummi have said:

      "This is the only thing that helped my little one with gases. I would HIGHLY recommend it to parents who haven't slept in lord knows how long."
      "It works like a charm. It's unbelievable, the second we used it our baby stopped crying and we had the first night without crying ever.
      I would def. recommend this to everybody with gassy babies. I love it"
      "Fifteen seconds in the microwave and maybe thirty seconds to position the band on a very wiggly infant for hours of blissful, happy baby time. Buy this. You won’t regret it."
      "Instantly soothes her 4 times in a row now - my 6 week old has had a hard time pooping since she was about 2 weeks old and her belly hurts her and she gets colicky. She’s hungry and wants to breastfeed, but then cries when she starts eating because her belly hurts her. Within 5-10 minutes, she calms down and even starts eating within 20 minutes like nothing happened. I already ordered a second one for backup haha. I’m very impressed."

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