Colic Remedies


Crying and fussiness is normal for infants, but when a baby cries repeatedly when there’s not an obvious reason it might indicate your baby might be suffering from colic. It can be one of the most stressful and exhausting things a newborn’s parent can go through. Consider Happi Tummi instead of drugs or drops first.

Happi Tummi, colic relief without drugs or drops


  • Intense crying, sometimes with screaming
  • Extreme fussiness even after the crying has stopped
  • Predictable timing, with episodes often in the evening
  • Body tension, pulling up legs, stiffened arms and legs and clenched fists


Crying for 3 or more hours per day, 3 or more days per week, 3 or more months. It’s stressful just reading that! 

Outsmart that colic with Happi Tummi!

Happi Tummi helps relieve colic and gas 


Belly Pressure

Wrapping the HT snugly around your baby’s belly provides the exact amount of gentle pressure your baby will find comforting. Gentle swaddling pressure strategically placed around the belly can provide colic relief.


Combine that gentle pressure with warmth and you have a two components of perfect combination. The convenience and placement of the heated herbal pouch into the pocket of the Happi Tummi makes it easy to begin helping your baby instantly.

Our Specially Formulated Blend

When warmed our precise formula of herbs soothes baby with the aroma, AND spasmodic herbs provide the added benefit of helping calm. We know how stressful colic can be.

And since colic episodes often occur at the same time each day, be proactive and wrap your baby in the snuggling warmth of Happi Tummi at the times of day when your baby typically starts showing symptoms, even before symptoms begin.



Our buyers agree! 

"I'm a new mom and had never experienced colic with a newborn before. The worst feeling is exhausting all of your options only for your baby to remain unrelieved. Insert Happy Tummi. I was so excited to find out about this product. I purchased it & immediately put it to use when it arrived. My son immediately had a bowel movement, stopped crying, & went to sleep. I am going to purchase at least 2 more as gifts. This is a real review from a real mom. You won't be disappointed."


"My baby has colic from 8 pm - 11 pm every night. We have tried gripe water, probiotic drops, white noise, etc, I decided to buy Happi Tummi and it WORKS INSTANTLY! Heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds, wrap it around him outside his clothes, and he is asleep in seconds. TOTALLY recommend it to anyone who is dealing with a colic baby. Hope it works for you like it does me!"

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