About Colic and Gas


I just don’t know why my baby is crying! General fussiness can come and go as your baby grows. But it can be very frustrating because you just don’t know when it will begin or end.

Happi Tummi is exactly what you need when your baby is fussy.

Gentle tummy pressure and warmth: When you warm up and wrap your baby's waist. Comfort is instant. Many times that’s all your baby may need to calm and feel happier.

The fragrant aroma of our specially formulated herb mixture in the pouch of a heated Happi Tummi also creates a comfortable envelope around both you and your baby that eases any fussiness (and helps mom or dad too with stress!)

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"Our baby seemed to like having the pressure against her tummy. And when we did heat the pouch, it has a terrific aroma... agree with other parents that even if the scent doesn't help baby, it's relaxing for stressed out parents!! Try it, if you're searching for crying-baby solutions."