Dr's Gr8 Nutrition Bars

We are so excited to offer a nutritional bar designed to create a healthy family. Not just a protein bar or even a balanced carbs bar, Dr's Gr8 Nutrition Bars are formulated by doctors to impact health at the cellular level.

These bars were clinically tested, and the results were astounding, weight loss, overall health improvement, reduced need for medications and cellular regeneration were just some of the results.

We are so impressed with Dr. Elithorpe and her creation that we wanted to offer it to our mothers, parents, teens and children.

Here are the benefits you can expect when purchasing your bars:

1.  Clinically proven

2.  Repairs cellular membranes

3.  Aids weight loss and curbs appetite

4.  All natural ingredients.

The magical properties of these bars is derived from Phospholipids, which only now are being recognized by the medical industry as a miracle re-generator of cells. Dr's Gr8 Bars have the most Phospholipids of any bar on the market.

These bars are being recommended by doctors in private practice as a nutritional supplement for many medical conditions. 

Made by Doctors for Doctors, this is the only nutritional bar that has been subjected to clinical trials for effectiveness. 

Here is how the cell membrane is repaired,

But the studies proved so much more. Look at this chart of results on insulin levels that are critical to lowering your blood pressure and reducing diabetes risk.

You are assured they are safe and effective, and we offer a subscription so that your bars can come every month. 

Buy today.

We will only be shipping to locations in the US due to COVID-19 and our inability to guarantee timely international shipping. We appreciate your patience.