5 Ways to Smile More with Happi Tummi

5 Ways to Smile More with Happi Tummi

“A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose. “– Tom Wilson

When Nanette Meneses created Happi Tummi, her mission was to help her fussy, colicky baby. Once she saw how quickly Happi Tummi helped calm and soothe her daughter, she knew there was a part two to her mission: bringing a smile to someone's face. 

Today Nanette wants Happi Tummi to make a difference in your life, and to put a smile on your face. It's more than buying a product. It's about alleviating pain and using a natural solution to make a difference in the world.

Here's how Happi Tummi is helping people smile more:

1. Provides instant relief to babies with colic, gas, constipation and acid reflux

Happi Tummi instant pain relief for infant colic, gas and constipation

Crying and fussiness is normal for babies. But, when a baby cries repeatedly, it might indicate they are suffering from colic, gas or constipation. It can be one of the most stressful and exhausting things a parent can go through.

Happi Tummi is like delivering a warm, loving cuddle. It soothes and comforts babies almost instantly, minimizing or eliminating pain or discomfort.

When your baby is uncomfortable, the last thing you want to do is given them unnecessary drops or drugs. Happi Tummi is a natural solution that is also external, which means that nothing is ingested or rubbed on your baby. It is made with all natural, aromatic and antispasmodic herbs. 

Specially formulated herbs, combined with evenly distributed warmth, relax muscles and relieve pain. The herbal aroma immediately helps calm and soothe your baby, and you too! Bringing a sure smile to both your faces. 

2. Helps Teens and Adults suffering from menstrual cramps

Happi Tummi helps teens and adults suffering from cramps

You accept it, cramping and pain during your menstrual cycle is to be expected. But what about those times when you are doubled over, just wanting to cry or scream. You can’t help but be irritable, not to mention the bloating. 

Ditch the heating pad. It keeps you stuck to the cord, and it does not really relieve your symptoms anyway, does it?

Let Happi Tummi hug and swaddle you. Happi Tummi snuggles you while the heat on your pain point relieves the cramps. It can be adjusted so that the wrap sits right where you are having the pain, discomfort or nausea. It is so much more than a heating pad.

The antispasmodic herbs, when warmed, gently soothe and relax the painful cramping muscles, while the aroma of the herbs helps calm and soothe you too. It melts some of that irritability, like a warm bath without having to get wet. 

You will feel better knowing relief is just a few minutes away. Warm it, wrap it and watch it work. Feel the warm gentle pressure where you need it, and not surprising to us, you will feel better. Once it starts to work, Happi Tummi helps you feel better, without nasty drugs, or that heating pad that locks you in place, “Cramping your style.” 

3. Relieves pain and discomfort from IBS/IBD, Abdominal Pain, Crone’s disease, Celiac Disease

Happi Tummi fast acting pain relief

All of these conditions have one thing in common, they interfere with just about everything in your day. Some of you are confined to bed, or your house. Who wants to venture where it may be hard to locate a clean, healthy restroom facility? Nothing is more embarrassing. Pain can be constant and nagging, making things worse.

While Happi Tummi is not a solution for the disease, it is a band-aid for the stomach. It will give you pain and nausea relief and some predictability to your bowel movements without drops or drugs.

Consider the review given by Ryan, “I use the Happi Tummi when ever I start to feel my IBS flaring. I can wear it at work, or home, and it seems to calm my symptoms, and relieve the cramping. I love it, because it has kept me from those really bad attacks that force me to stay home.”

It is not a cure for IBS, but Happi Tummi certainly helps Ryan manage his symptoms. Another thing to smile about? Happi Tummi offers a money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain!

4. Comfort for adults and elderly dealing with nausea and constipation related to medication

Instant Pain Relief for Adults and Elderly

Do you have to take medication because of an underlying medical disorder? Do you feel the nausea rise as you take that pill that is supposed to help you? You just do not feel yourself, and cannot get off the bed when the nausea is bad.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a natural, effective way to reduce the symptoms of nausea or improve your bowel movements, without more drops or drugs? You have a life to live and it doesn’t just slow because you do, right?

The formulation for teens and adults works for nausea related to medication, because Nanette, the Founder of Happi Tummi personally tested it with her father, who was taking medications for Parkinson’s Disease. It was a vicious cycle: take medication to control the Parkinson’s, then take the medications that relieved nausea caused by the original medication, then take the medications that relieved constipation caused by the other two medications. The cycle robbed her father of his mobility, dignity and patience. The medications for Parkinson’s was necessary, but constipation medications complicated his life.

Nanette, knew that there had to be a different way to help alleviate pain, nausea and constipation. She was curious just how well the Happi Tummi for babies would work on an adult, so she decided to test it with her father. She was not treating the disease, but the nausea and medication side effects. She made a larger pouch, and belt using her patented formula of herbs, and it worked almost immediately. Her father said it felt like a miracle, and was able to reduce most of the medications related to stomach issues. Most importantly he was able to move again, unrestrained by pain and constipation.

5. Fast relief for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy symptoms

Happi Tummi Instant Pain Relief for Pregnancy and Post Pregnancy

We all know that the joy of finding out you are pregnant can be frustrated by that dreaded morning sickness. Who knows why you got it, but you did. A natural healthy external solution is preferred, for your health and that of your baby, to reduce the nausea and symptoms.

Many times nausea and cramping are caused by prenatal vitamins and minerals that contain a lot of iron. Antispasmodic herbs relax your muscles and relieve your nausea, cramps and uncomfortable feeling. The herbal aroma immediately helps calm and soothe you. It is not just about the herbs though, heat and snugging the body are important ingredients to positive results. 

Another interesting challenge to motherhood is the reality of post child birth. As you start to breastfeed, your uterus may cramp uncomfortably as it is shrinking, and as with menstrual cramps, a Happi Tummi provides fast relief when you need it most.

Because it's so important for you to be calm when dealing with a newborn, use Happi Tummi on yourself for the instant calming effect. Your baby feels your calmness, as do those in your household. It all is with love, and with love it all gets done.

Mothers, using the Happi Tummi for their baby, report applying the warmed herbal pouch directly to their over their painful, over-engorged breast during breast feeding. They reported that Happi Tummi relieved the pain, which makes us happi. Now that's something to smile about!

You can see why Nanette wants everyone to consider using Happi Tummi. Happi Tummi is the fast-acting, all-natural and external remedy for your entire family and for a variety of uses. Just thinking of all the smiles gets us excited!

Tell us: What's your favorite Happi Tummi use?

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