Instant relief for your fussy baby.
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All Natural, External Remedy...

The only all natural, external, fast acting remedy to bring instant relief to your fussy baby, infant or toddler. Happi Tummi works for most digestive issues that cause a fussy baby to cry. This includes colic, gas, constipation, cramps, bloating and more..

We're passionate about helping families live better lives and helping bring relief to any baby that wont stop crying. That is why we created the Parenting Insider System click on the insiders links for more information.
"It is simple. It works and it works fast. It is like nothing else I have seen, That's why I recommend it to my pediatric patients.."
-Chrystal DeFretes MD, FAAP
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Fussy Baby? Baby won't stop crying?

Do you have a fussy baby that won't stop crying? Does your baby have colic, gas, constipation or other digestive issues....

Relief for Babies, Infants & Toddlers.

Happi Tummi works great for colicky babies and infants but did you know that it also works great to provide relief to fussy or restless toddlers too.....

Coming soon: Parents Video Library

As part of our parenting insider network we are launching a parents video library. The videos will include product reviews, interviews with leading parenting experts and ....